Injectors on 2nd char without Multi pilot cert?

so i have a jita char and im thinking about training him up to bee an industry char,
i dont have multiple pilots training but was wondering would it work if i give him a few skill injectors and i could just inject them and train them up automatically without adding them to the training que? would that work?

Of course. It costs more per SP but is instant.

But yes, you can use injectors without having an active training queue.

thanks, i just thought that might be a way around it because i dont have multi pilot training so can’t add anything to que which kinda sucks

Youll end up using more Isk, but go ahead and use injectors.

As a comparison, 1 month of Plexing/multiple certificate use is about, what, 1.9 billion?

thats enough to buy 2 skill injectors. Which total 1 million skillpoints.

You can get around 1.6, 1.7 million skillpoints in a month, though.

While it may not be relevant for this scenario, you can also pause your main and give the subscription queue to your ALT for as long as necessary.

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