Insane Powerful NPCs warp to mining belts

Why did you make insane powerful NPCs gang destroy players in high sec? I was in an asteroid belt with a battleship and two combat battlecruisers we had NO CHANCE to defend ourselves! this is insane! we are a very small corp trying to make a living and we lost over 300M after months of grinding in seconds!

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You might need to be more specific about what NPC’s you are talking about and we can provide you better feedback, however all the powerful NPC’s in highsec have been present for quite some time.

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P.P.S. If 300 Million is months of grinding, I also suggest reviewing your money making process, this seems very low income, can take a look in game if you need.
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I would be asking how many ships were lost. As that would indicate if all lost that you using low isk fits. And hence poorly fitted.

And what security level the belt is in, as the lower the security level the more powerful npc’s become.

As noted above 300mil being months of grinding even if only a few hours a week is low. A single player can normally generate that in a 12 hours or less of game play.

You may what to chat with others to find out why you’re not getting higher isk generation.

It was probably trigs or diamond rats from a FOB. FOB’s can be found in the agency, and easily avoided that way. Or you can get positive standings with them if you want. And you can get positive standings with both the trigs and edencom so that neither of them will attack you.

Anyway, the game doesn’t exactly do a good job of telegraphing these dangers to new players. So, I can see how newbros would feel blindsided by them. Perhaps CCP should do something about it. In the meantime, however:

  • Don’t fly what you can’t afford to lose.
  • There are different ways to gain knowledge: A) Videos, wiki’s, articles, and such, B) Community Knowledge (i.e. join a corp with vets in it), and C) paying the tritanium price (i.e. through experience). Different methods have different advantages and disadvantages, and different players prefer to learn through different ways. Pick the method(s) that work(s) best for you.
  • If you get mad when you lose ships, you are going to have a bad time. Ship loss is a part of Eve. Instead, try to use it as a learning experience. Ask yourself what you can do differently to get better outcomes moving forward. This will not only help you to grow as a player, but also probably have more fun as well.

Also, thinking that you’re out there toiling away for 4 mil an hour or whatever hurts my soul. Please up your isk efficiency. Maybe take Nevyn up on his offer.

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I’ll be honest, I’m not an isk making god, I have a hard time staying on the grind even when I find a decent source, and get bored and change what I’m doing even if it is worse.
But yeah, I’m sure I can make more than 4M/hour with battleships available.

@Shipwreck_Jones USIA cannot do anything with trig/edencom standings… however, our Co-Head @Imiarr_Timshae offers that as a personal service outside of USIA.

As far as diamond rats or anything else, we can help with that, depending on current standings etc.

Oh, I at him because I thought it might be something he would be interested in as a potential CSM candidate.

But thanks for the information.

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Don’t fly what you can’t afford to loose rule one of eve, it could have just as easily have been players suicide ganking you.

Also avoid all npc’s with a star in their name they are op.

Quoting that rule is very popular. But I will say three things about it. 1) It would not apply well if this is the ONLY decent defense ships you have to lose or the ONLY ship and only way to pay your subscription. 2) If you are not flying your best ships, why did you buy them? and 3) since you won’t be arrested for not paying your bills, nor will you starve or wind up truly homeless, you can afford ANY loss in ISK. The question is if you can take the emotional toll or need the ship to buy your subscription plex, but that last part takes us back to 2.

But anyway, I have seen FOB pirates in high sec belts and yes, they seem waaaaaay over-powered. That they can scram you AND they have that much firepower is nuts. And its the same with the Trigs. If someone in high sec would be bored with things newer players could survive, they are in the wrong part of space.

Not sure which the OP got hit by but a pop up warning for FOBs and Trigs should be standard, and rather than clicking a box to make it just never come up, you should have the option of just not needing to click it to jump but still see it.

The shocker is the OP is a near 15 year old character.

Would it add insult to injury if CCP added an NPE mission that starts the first time you lose a ship to a trig ship? Gives you 5 free in-bound and out-bound filaments to go to Pochven and shoot a drone.

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Thats a pretty neat idea!

The wish expressed in the title already has been granted.


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