Instant consuming drugs / overlapping consuming

hi :smiley: i would love that u can take drugs while the same drug is active. so u overwrite the cooldown…

sometimes i int into a site and i want to refresh my bool so thats why …


Opportunities for mistakes or lapses of attention are good and healthy. I have both cost fights for my fleet and just barely scrapped by all down to if I noticed my timer expired before my cap dropped under 30%

I think this would be a solid quality of life change.

I think at this point “QOL” has lost all meaning.

Used to be things that have no actual effect on gameplay but improved UX.

Now you have people asking for marauders to be buffed to high heaven and justify it by saying doing sites faster is QOL


This is definitely a QoL change.

Removing the possibility of a mistake goes beyond qol

Lol, you bittervets totally lost touch with reality.

I mean when in doubt just pull out the buzz words.

This is the same reason why the skill que was introduced… and then made longer… until it was finally made infinite. Making the game painful to play doesn’t enhance to gameplay experience in any way.

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The two aren’t even close to the same. The queue was initially capped to to limitations and didn’t effect fights in any way. I’m not sure how you can’t tell the difference between something that is strictly account management and something that directly affects immediate gameplay.

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