Insufficient warning given to players about gankers

Safety is overrated. If you undock in something you can afford to lose then I don’t see what the problem is.

If they want “safe” they can play Farming Simulator 22. It’s a good game to fall asleep on.

You are determined to make me barf, aren’t you.

There isn’t one.

Stardew valley comes to mind. There was also Hello Kitty online.

Why do you need me to justify feeding your kids. Just regurgitate like a good Gallente and spit that slop down their throats and be done with it.

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Yu people r nuthin but traitors! :rage:

You could always eject large station vaults at each gate into a ganker area that reads: “Beware, Known Gankers are Operating in the next System. Set the ganker alliance, Safety, to -10 red.”

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Pretty much everyone and their dog has containers and mobile depots removed from the overview from all the spam.

How exactly will that help the average AFK care-bear?

Do you even play EvE?

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Do you know that for certain or are ya just guessing?

Just a guess, but I would imagine that not too many players would want to see 37,000 containers and mobile depots on the overview every time they enter a trade hub system.

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That’s why there are tabs in the Overview and the possibility to have several Overviews, so that what is visible is what the capsuleer wants to see.
No need to remove anything from Overviews. :wink:

That’s the point of ganking :face_with_hand_over_mouth: They’re supposed to catch you unaware :joy:

Make the lifetime of mobile depots based on security status.

1.0 to .7 lifetime: 30 minutes.
.699 to to .5: 45 minutes.

Normal lifetime for mobile depots in Null, Low,
Trig and Wormhole space would be normal.

Nah , just give them this link in the tutorial plus a few sexy shots of Aiko.

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Speaking of tutorials, there should be one on how to conduct a high sec gank.

Knowing how to gank, is the best teaching tool on how to prevent being on the receiving end of a gank.

It would also teach them that there is sufficient warning given if they know what to look for. How to read their surroundings, so to say.

But lets see if the usual suspects come crawling out of the woodwork clutching their pearls and crying to CCP overlords for such a suggestion.