Insurgencies unfair to care bears

How is that an argument ?

You take a wrong step in real life and you die. No “respawn” mechanism.
Are you saying the game would be better if you could not die? Then you can leave it, it would not.

Claiming that “represents a mechanism in real life” is a good thing, is a stupid argument. Just because it happens in real life, does not mean it’s good to make it happens in a game.

It does not.
Stop making personal attacks, it’s forbidden in the rules :

Be Agreeable, Even When You Disagree

You may wish to respond to something by disagreeing with it. That’s fine. But, remember to criticize ideas, not people. Please avoid:

  • Name-calling.
  • Ad hominem attacks.
  • Responding to a post’s tone instead of its actual content.
  • Knee-jerk contradiction.

Why ? This makes no sense. You affirm that without any argument. So “no” is just as much a valid argument.
Just because things happen, does not mean they are good.
Does not mean they are not a problem.
Does not mean you can’t complain about them.

That’s a plain insult.
I’m not even the one complaining about that.
You quote me as if I was the one complaining, but all I did was take a stupid argument and call it as such.

Liar. When CCP removes a gameplay, they force players out of that gameplay, BY DEFINITION.

What gameplay is being removed from the addition of Insurgencies?

What part of “I’m not the one complaining here” do you not understand ?
I was answering to a blanket statement claiming that changes are never a problem, claiming that players can always “adapt”, which is stupid.

And what would your advice be instead? Saying adapt or die/leave seems an apt response to me.

I don’t need to have an advice to point at a stupid argument when I see one. Which, yours is. Your argument only tries to dodge the issue with stupid claims.

Then what are you doing here? if you have nothing to add to the discussion, you are just derailing it. If you can’t provide a counter argument to the one you are saying is stupid, then you are just too lazy to try to think of something better. Defend your position.

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I find arguing on the internet isnt worth it most times, and considering such, this is definitely not the hill to die on.

As for the Ad hominem in question. You in english can be both singular AND plural.

Enjoy your arguments with windmills, Im not going to engage further.

I was answering to an argument used.
But what are YOU doing here ? You are the one derailing the discussion.
And trolling by repeating the exact thing which I just said was stupid, without any single thing as an explanation why it would actually makes sense.

Yes, so ? What about that general rule does apply here ?

Maximum corruption takes a while to get to right? I would start adding a routine check of where the Insurgencies are starting. After that, there’s a couple things you can do:

  1. Join FW and help get suppression up, if suppression gets to 5 corruption cannot get to 5. If you’re doing level 4 missions you should easily be able to afford a few destroyers capable of running complexes, and the LP rewards can be used for profit. Multibox farmers are a challenge but their ships certainly aren’t invincible.

  2. Move to another system, there’s bound to be another agent you have standings to work with, plus it’s nice to have options. It’s a bit of work moving your ships and supplies, but I’d recommend this even before the Insurgencies were added. Put a jump clone there and a copy of your favorite ship to quickly swap.

I know you feel upended by the change but I think recommendation #1 is part of why they added this in the first place. Recommendation #2 is at the very least good advice to follow anyway, but especially so with Insurgencies here.

There was a permanent change about… oh I dunno, I’m gonna say ten years ago, that “forced me out of a playstyle” and made me respond with a change of my own: no longer paying for my subscription and keep my interactions with Eve limited to the forum.


Far be it from me to suggest that anyone would ever go on the internet and tell lies, but this doesn’t seem to jibe with the fact that you have killboard history in almost every year for the past ten years?

All the changes I have encountered in Eve, which I hated at the time ( like the nerfing of mining ships in 2021 ) actually positively benefitted me in the end and have led me out of my carebear shell and to a wider range of activities. I used to be scared of lowsec…now I have 3 or 4 chars that live there, for example. I look back now and cannot see a single change that did not ultimately have positive benefit.


Yes. Ive had the same experiences quite a few times along my path, or listened to my corpmates and friends as their selected paths and careers or ships and accomplishments nerfed. It forced all of us to either stop playing entirely because we were so set in our ways or develop new ways to play, develop and grow within the games systems. In my opinion that has been someone CCP has done this entire time. Its not for everyone either. Glad you could grow and develop and that youre still here.
Honestly CCP makes some huge changes that you could drive a truck through in how to maximize it for your own purposes. Sharing it with corpmates and friends to help them before CCP either closes the hole or nerfs it if too many people know about it is a fun thing. Then you get together a group that does that for everyone in the group and you can really theory craft a lot of fun and isk.


Oh, there is an easy explanation for that. Once in a while (let’s say every year since I quit paying for my sub) I spent a bit of the ISK / PLEX I had saved up to play for a bit. As such, I am not actively paying for my sub: I am merely using up the resources that I already have obtained to play for free, albeit for a short while. Since I am not planning to do much more then that, I tend to focus on cheap frigate PVP. That explains the KB activity over the last years.

This is no ‘new’ content…It’s just a copy paste of the old ones with a fw factor in it…but it’s not ‘new’ in any way…

A new skin every week to sell for real money is far more important than actual game content…