Interactive voice for missions

(Daichi Yamato) #21

I mean come on guys…be realistic.

Watch some amateur made videos with amateur voice acting. Then tell me the eve community would accept that in their missions after the new Aura was ripped apart…

Anything less than professionally polished would be opening the floodgates to criticism and eve players love to bitch and moan at jobs half done in this game. Maybe CCP could call on the community to provide voice acting, but that requires going through all the submissions to find ones that work. This is no small thing. Voice acting has directors with an idea of what they want to hear. Its not the same as giving a script and a scenario to potentially thousands of people, many of which may have misunderstood the context, situation or just don’t have the voice that fits the part.

You have seen how much ■■■■ goes through talent shows on tv right? Now try to appreciate that you see a fraction of submissions.

(Ore Grinder) #22

Aura should be professionally voice acted. (generic bad guy #66) could be supplied by users voices. Maybe start with Utube streamers first, then open it up wider if you need more selection. With many submissions generic missions could have many different voices since after you kill the first guy, he can’t really come back to life since he’s not a capsuleer right? I don’t want to hear the same guy’s voice. Could be fun!

(Ore Grinder) #23

Maybe even get the community to vote for a quota of 30 voices for each line. Cream should rise to the top and little dev time wasted.

(Daichi Yamato) #24

Sure, and do that everytime you want a character to say something, add something new or want to change something when an npc interaction is updated for whatever reason…

OR, we just have one guy spend 5 minutes to type some text

What do you think guys? :thinking:

Don’t get me wrong, CCP can and are using voice actors for big theatrical PvE content. I honestly think the epic arks would be well suited to a rebuild with voice acting. Maybe even generic voice acting for NPC’s flying around, shooting and getting blown up. But no, you are not going to get voice acting in every mission CCP ever make. Like come on…

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