Interdiction class

Yesterday @CCP_Aurora ran a class on interdiction, including topics like
drag bubbles
catch bubbles
bubble mechanics
positioning bubbles
how to deal with bubbles and gate camps
role of the dictor in fleets

The video of this insightful class can be found at interdictor class
The charts she prepared can be found at interdiction charts

Thank you for organizing these classes, ccp Aurora !


You beat me to posting my own MS Paint diagrams :sweat_smile:

It was fun, glad you found it valuable!

There was also a tackle class I did before this one that covered:
manual piloting
basic tackle
advanced maneuvers (slingshot)
advanced tackling guide

Tackle Twitch VOD
MS Paint Diagrams


Looking forward to your possible next projects. You mentioned ‘old d-scan classes’ a few times, probably from your pre-dev days, combat probing, tactical bookmarking or other advanced grid tactics come to mind as well.

In any case, your explanation on how to travel in nullsec and w-space, how to deal with bubbles and camps (gate burning, mwd/cloak trick, bouncing off celestials, use of d-scan) should be mandatory viewing for any new player (and some seasoned ones) :aura:. It is quite valuable of seeing it demonstrated.

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I’m open for suggestions on topics. It’s tricky to try and hit that sweet spot of useful new player information that a lot of experienced players may not have a full understanding of to please both audiences.

In that case I would recommend a class on d-scanning, a very basic tool that somehow escapes the attention it deserves. The interplay of camera tracking, overview presets and the d-scanner itself eludes quite a few experienced players :smiley:. I believe that would grab attention (and be a ship/pod saver too :wink:). And it was never covered in any of the ‘old’ official training videos.


That’s a good one. Perhaps I’d wrap it into a larger ‘hunting’ class and talk about combat scanning as well.

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Is this linked to the NPE in any way? (It should) Also, it’s listed under Events/In game events. I don’t think this the thd for them to be linked in to get the attn of new players? In fact, (just looked) there is no thd for NPE in the forums? :confounded:

Is there a reason the NPE should not have it’s own Category? There are a lot of good thd’s/links out there…

Anyway, thanks! I’ll binge watch what’s available when I get the chance. You never know what new tricks you can learn! :wink:

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