So eve is becoming more and more new player friendly which is fine by me, the more people play the merrier.

But one thing has just recently bugged me as a new character who is training into Amarr and using Energy weapons which is enough on its own with all the gunnery skills involved, but for me to train into the Amarr interdictor i have to cross train from gunnery in a whole new load of skills with missiles, which will take another age. Compared to the other 3 factions, they are simply following there commonly used weapon systems ie. Caldari (missiles) Minmitar (projectiles) Gallente (hybrids), no cross training weapons needed there, can i propose this is brought into line as it seems a bit odd to me that ccp have done this.


By the time you are considering training into interdictors, you’ll have all small weapons covered along with the support skills, and be aware that Sabre is the interdictor that you’ll fly in most situations. You’ll also know that, weapons are mostly irrelevant to a fleet bubbler’s role. There are turret hardpoints on Heretic for getting on KMs with lasers if you are so inclined. If you want an advanced Amarr destroyer, Confessor is a very strong laser boat while being one of the most SP efficient ships in the game.

Khanid ftw

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If the Heretic was the only Amarr ship that required missiles over evergy turrets, you may have had a point. But you seem to have missed the T1 Amarr missile/drone platforms ('Geddon, Prophecy, Arbitrator, Dragoon) and the rest of the Khanid ships in the T2 lineup (Damnation, Sacrilege, and Malediction), so you really don’t have much to complain about.

Not to mention, Cladari have to cross-train (hybrids) and so do Minmatar (missiles). (Gallente kinda do too since they use drones and hybrids, but everyone uses drones, so…)

No change necessary.

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not if he specializes into it quickly.


Depending on the fit, you shouldent need weapons. If you do, its worth the train at some point around 15-20m you will have to cross over anyways.

lmao what

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