[Into the Abyss] Sacrificial Ship Exchange

Abyssal site loot crates appear to be dropping fully built ships. This seems like a bug however it could offer a very dynamic, hard decision loot drops.

i.e. In the final room, give players the option to abandon the ship they entered the site with and leave the abyssal deadspace pocket in a Triglavian ship.


Rather than appearing in a box; unpiloted ships would have a chance to appear in a Triglavian ship depot in the final room. A pilot can then eject from their own ship and board the vessel if they have the proper skills. Assembled ships have a higher likelihood to appear in higher abyssal tiers, either unfitted or pre-fitted with modules.

Any ship left behind is ‘assumed’ destroyed when the deadspace pocket closes. Additionally, if the player doesn’t have eyes on the other side of the exit, it’s possible gankers could be treated to a squishy Trig ship to pop.

CCP may have also confirmed this is planned featured when they showed a concord officer returning to Yulai with a Trig cruiser. This officer may have made a ship exchange.

I think it’s a bug and that it’s supposed to be a BPC drop.

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Yes, however I would like to explore the idea of exchanging ships rather than BPC drop.

Yeah, no.

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Can you give me more than that. What’s your issue with it?

With a ship exchange system exchange system the price of the Trig ship is determined by the best min/max ‘disposable’ site completion ship. That price can fluctuate.

Sure, let’s trade my cheapo T1 cruiser for a Faction Battleship. If you stop and think about it for more than 30 seconds you’ll come to the conclusion that this is an inherently bad idea. So no.

Are you forgetting about spawn chance? Cheapo T1 cruiser may be able to handle Tier 1 and 2 abyssal deadspace, however those shipyards with the unpiloted Trig ships (let alone the battleships) may never show up in those levels.

Think about that for more than 30 seconds.

CCP has also mentioned the fact that the ships in these Abyssal Deadspace pockets will pod you. There’s room for the possibility of you being podded out before you can even board the Triglavian ship if you don’t keep your wits about you.

Only to be ganked in .00002 seconds upon exiting the instance in your completely unfit and untanked Trig ship…

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Sounds swell to me.

Might be a good idea to have friends watching out on the other side if you want to make a sacrificial ship exchange.

In high sec, there’s nothing your buddies can legally do. And all you can do is exit and prepare for the inevitable…

As long as the explorer survives the site, Gankers are guaranteed content either way.

What exists is either:
a. the ship they saw go in there
b. an unfitted (or potentially prefit) Trig Frigate, Cruiser or Battleship.
c. suspect repair escalation (friends providing logi, possibly in Trig ships of their own bonused toward utility/combat)
d. the player died in the site

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