Into The Abyss : Security Status Gain?

If you pop a battleship (or any ship) while in The Abyss, do you get a security status increase?

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Don’t think so as it’s considered -1.0 space.

Only Bounty NPC’s will give Security Status increase. Different Bounty NPC’s give different amounts of Security Status increase.

NPC Bounty’s are accumulated every 5 minutes. Within a 5 minute tick, only the single highest Bounty NPC that a character destroys will give a Security Status increase. Jumping between nodes/systems or dock/undock from station has no effect on the timer. Basically the timer will follow the character wherever he goes.

Currently no NPC will raise a character’s Security Status above +5.00 status.

When a character’s Security Status reaches a specific level, certain Bounty NPC’s will stop giving Security Status increase. That ensures a player is fighting NPC’s at their own level instead of continuously destroying easy ones. Players will receive payments for all destroyed Bounty NPC’s, regardless of NPC level.

All characters that apply damage (or other offensive effects) against a Bounty NPC will receive Security Status increase based on the level of NPC destroyed and the character’s amount of Security Status.

If a character’s Security Status logs don’t show any changes after destroying lot’s of Pirate NPC’s, that character may need to destroy higher level / more difficult Bounty NPC’s.

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Not 100% certain but I believe that 0.0 Officer npc’s will increase Sec Status above 5.0.

Edit: Or at least they used to,

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Yeah, they use to but not anymore.

Recently I submitted a Support Ticket about the ability of Personal Security to go above +5.00 status and according to a Senior GM that game mechanic is no longer supported in Eve Online, basically it doesn’t have any impact on game play.

Well, damn.

Thing do occasionally slip into the game though. The first event of the year (Guardians Gala?) the end boss had a sec status gain that did increase over 5.

See this thread, read down for CCP_Dragon’s response

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Yeah, I’m just stating what I was told. According to CCP regarding regular game content, the ability to raise personal security status above +5.00 is not supported in the game.

Sure, that bug may show up every once in a while with new content and when it does appear in an event that has a short time duration, I highly doubt it rates very high as a priority issue needing to be fixed.

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