Introducing: The Dawncaller

Access to the powerful logistics boats developed by the Empires meant that EDENCOM was originally unconcerned with developing logistics options of their own to augment their ships of the line. However, increasing clashes with rogue capsuleers who often utilized markedly different tactics than their traditional Triglavian opponents demonstrated a clear need for new ships capable to taking on these challenges. The Dawncaller is the result of this, a durable ship equipped with the revolutionary new “Overclocked” Shield Projector in order to keep Edencom fleets intact.

The Dawncaller: Edencom Logistics Cruiser

Can fit (2) Overclocked Shield Projectors

Edencom Cruiser:

6% bonus to all shield resistances
10% reduction in Overclocked Consortium Projector capacitor consumption
5% reduction in Overclocked Shield Projector cycle time

Logistics Cruiser:

4% increase in capacitor capacity
4% increase in energy warfare resistance

Highslots: 3

Mid Slots: 6

Low Slots: 2

Base velocity: 182 m/s

Signature Radius: 135m

Base resists: Shield: 20 / 20 / 50 / 50 Armor: 50 / 45 / 25 /10 Hull: 33 / 33 / 33 / 33

The Overclocked Consortium Shield Projector

Shield repairs are front-loaded using the overclocked output regulators, resulting in extremely high initial repair amounts which scale down over time. 8s Cycle time. When the module is deactivated, it goes on an 8 second cooldown (similar to the one seen on cynosural field modules and MJDs).

Repair Amount Scaling: 1850 HP / 1800 HP / 1650 HP / 1400 HP / 1050 HP / 600 HP / 600 HP / 600 HP

This puts the Dawncaller at a significantly higher INITIAL repair compared to other cruiser-sized logistics ships. Proper management of the repair modules can sustain decent repair amounts slightly below other T2 logistics ships long term, and poor management can put the vessel at half of the repair output of a comparable Basilisk, for example.

Could you make it a battleship?


sounds like something that would be crap in large fleets and oppressive in small/mid gangs

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