Introducing the HyperNet Relay

Aw shucks!

I guess that means CCP broke all gambling laws and are now going to have to sue their legal team of lawyers as every country in the Eve online world sues and fines CCP for millions of dollars in total and counting for every single instance someone uses the hypernet relay on December 10th around the world. I guess that is the end of CCP, Pearl Abyss and Eve online. Rest in peace, it was nice while it lasted. Boooo!

Where do I message CCP to redeem all the real world value of my assets in Eve Online?

Like my Gramma’s bread puddin’ it all has real world value dammit and that is worth something real…


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Wanna bet me 10 bil it will still be a vast majority disapproving by the end ot the year?
It’s now almost 400 votes - getting quite representative for a small demographic like EVE players and the percentages are almost identical to what they were when i first mentioned it so your denyal of reality is getting pathetic at this point.
Just like your attempt at justifying the 99% claim - not having a gambling addiction doesn’t make me ambivalent or wanting to gamble online.

I didn’t mean ‘professional’ in the sense of ‘skillful’ and i obviously am not lying at all so why should you?


Grow up.

The issue I see with a poll like that is that people who really don’t care one way or another also don’t care enough to vote. It’s the same issue with a lot of online review systems. Only people who really like or really dislike an item actually review it.

I’d probably say I view this whole thing with slight disapproval. I don’t think it’s really that big of a deal, but it is potentially rife with problems and it seems like CCP could have spent time and resources on something else.

I say we give it a bit and see what happens.

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Well thats funny because ‘neutral’ got more votes than approval combined

It’s a pretty random sample of “EVE players frequenting the forum” i don’t see how this bias should give a false result about EVE players in general

I look forward to your CCP apologism when they introduce buying ships in the F2P cash shop, make claiming space require cash shop tokens, etc. I expect you to be consistent and defend their greed with “if you don’t like it don’t use it”.

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That ain’t nothing yet as almost 15% of those total votes are just from my own alts.

Gear down skippy and read a little more between the lines.

Yes! This is all we can do is wait 5 days and see what happens.

Everyone keeps saying it is illegal but I bet there are some well payed lawyers who represent CCP/PA that are not obligated at all to argue otherwise at this point.

All we need to find out is what will the mob of players who stop CCP from changing or adding something to the game they don’t like decide to do after December 10th.

CCP is sorry to tell you but they sold the company to Pearl Abyss.

You can blame CCP for that but what comes after is not within their control. They are simply employees trying to make a living working for a video game publisher who payed them $425 million for their gaming development company.

Sure, and I’m not arguing that people approve of it. I’m saying if I had to guess (which I do because I don’t have perfect information), there are probably more people who are neutral than either approve or disapprove.

It’s just not super exciting, so I’m frankly not surprised that more people aren’t affirmatively in support of it. My only point is that the “disapproval” figure might be a bit misleading.

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If you sell it on the market, wouldn’t it be buyable from the market then on? Essentially hypercores bought with plex/cash (doubt will have expiration) will eventually flood the market.

Or, if you spend a hypercore on this raffle, does it exhaust it? Seems a hypercore is like a plex so I don’t see how it wouldn’t be traded on the market, and thus available via ISK.

The F2P cash shop item is consumed to start the lottery, even if the tickets fail to sell and the buyers get their ISK back. That’s the whole point of this, getting maximum cash shop spending.

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If that’s true, then the sheer randomness of the raffle tickets is the only thing that really bothers me. If you’re going to use IRL money it should translate into either plex, game time, or actual ISK (or equivalent). People can say eve is gambling, you undock and so on and so forth, but raffle lottery is just plain gambling. It can be said that gambling is ethically wrong, but then again people are entitled to do what they wish with their hard earned money. This is a slippery slope though.

No matter how many people leave the game in protest, you cannot stop progress. CCP will make more isk with the Relay than what is lost from your subscriptions. If you do not like the relay, then don’t use it.

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F2P cash shop trash is not progress.


It is if designed well. It rewards those who spend on the game while allowing those who do not to play for free.

Spending real life cash on the game should not be rewarded. Success in EVE should be about skill and hard work, not about handing over your credit card for premium ammo.


I agree. But you can’t build great things with just cash, that takes skill and hard work. An extra blingy ship that costs money and can be killed by skill is no different than losing a cargohold of valuable gear recently purchased with sold plex.

And this system is not handing over your credit card for premium ammo either. The items raffled off are from players and not created out of thin air with cash.

I agree with Algathas. This simply allows you to pay PLEX for the chance to sell big ticket items at a markup, and possibly lose your investment if your markup is too high and the raffle does not complete.

Yet. The precedent is set, and our resident troll’s latest alt is advocating for more F2P cash shop purchases to “reward spending money”.

But, if this feature is good for EVE, why should it require a F2P cash shop purchase? Why shouldn’t it work like any other market transaction?

(The answer of course is that CCP is hoping to exploit gambling addicts and whales, not to improve the market for normal players.)

You are free to spend isk on the cores as well. Simply buy a core off the market with isk, or if none are on the market yet then you can always buy plex with isk and exchange for cores. So you don’t need to be a “whale” or have any cash at all to use it.

I know of several people that started as alpha and then putting zero IRL cash into the game were able to get enough isk to omega in their first month and sustain that from then on out. If it’s that easy to play omega for free then it should be even easier to also set up your own hyper raffles with no IRL money as well, especially since the income from the raffle should sustain re-buying the cores that made the raffle.

Seems to me you just suck at making money. Stop whining and learn to play.

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