Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood

(yellow parasol) #384

i think i get it now. it’s a slow cultural shift, going over many years, more thwn i thought…

the goal is a population of people who hqve no issue living in a pvp/pve world, where both are mixed anyway. their problem is that one can’t just flip a switch. there needs to be a gradual shift in society, where new generations grow up into new norms, leading to the end result.

a world, where pvp and pve is being dealt with using the same fittings. a world, where PvE people group up against gankers, instead of complaining out of impotency. a world where new players are grown into a society, where it’s the norm for CEOs to have defense fleets.

i’d take that, it sounds like a stable future.

and at some point, they can un-■■■■ highsec again, because it won’t be filled with cowards anymore.

(Tipa Riot) #385

For me, definitely this, with golden standard being the Blood Raider event to base on. If you can spice this up with other professions like hacking, and maybe options leading to interesting PvP this would be great.

I like the good reward (boosters are useful, and can be traded) and the competitive part, to find the optimal way to beat sites, steal loot or shoot others doing them.

To be transparent, I’m not a highsec player, but often solo grabbing interesting and worth content wherever I find and can. So these events should always be available in lower sec space as well, with better rewards.

Else I would like to see an easier way to improve standings (for my trade business) than running endless strings of missions.

(Circumstantial Evidence) #386

COSMOS missions have some great storyline elements, but have special mechanics which can make them hard to understand and end up frustrating some players.

The place could really use a map. When you jump in / talk to any agent in COSMOS for the first time, a helpful page could say “Ol’ Bob down the street pays top dollar for spaceship engine parts, but Gloria in the corner market has been cheated so many times you only get one chance with her. Also watch out for Slinky Slim, I’ve heard the gold mine he needs help with is really a rat-infested sewer.”

You will come into a system and see agents-in-space you can talk to, but many offerings have time limits, and the item you need may be unavailable due to competition and an unknown respawn timer, for a static area with the needed item. You may only get one opportunity with that agent to complete the mission, on the surface making it an RPG style “character advancing quest.”

That is a fair answer to the complaints about how many times we have to shoot Zor or rescue a Damsel, but many players new to the experience:

  • who didn’t consult an out-of-game guidebook
  • who didn’t obtain the completion item in advance (guide helps)
  • who don’t think to check Contract listings for the item
  • who are unwilling to pay the price a static-site farmer is charging

…may leave frustrated, and not explore other agents who have different mission types to offer. COSMOS variety can go un-tapped due to a bad first experience. “Oh well, at least I can count on the predictability of level-based missions.”

Different game play mechanics and puzzle elements (really intricate mechanics in the Sleeper Cache cosmic signature sites) outside the current level based mission experience are wanted in a revamp of those missions, low usage in CCP’s metrics for COSMOS missions doesn’t mean new and redesigned missions won’t work or taking elements from COSMOS is a bad idea.

(Arrendis) #387

Except it’s not. It makes you vulnerable to them, man. If you wanted to defend against wardecs, you stay with your NPC corp and then never need to work about it.

(Frostys Virpio) #388

Or you fold and reform since it takes less than 1 lvl 4 mission to cover up the price of forming a corp. After than, sweet 0 tax on your bounties and mission payout + bonus. It pays for itself quite fast unless you were to get a dedicated deccer to chain your new corps over and over at which point, he is burning more money than you are.

(Arrendis) #389

Yep. But let’s face it, that’s all time and effort, and time is a lot more valuable than the miniscule taxes on your bounties. You can get more ISK. You can’t get more time.

(Jin'taan) #390

Vote in the election, even if it’s not for the winning candidates. Beyond that, in the here and now, talk to us! I’ve made a video where I show roughly the role of the CSM in what CCP does. We need the playerbase to work with us and be active in talking to us about what’s wrong with the game, or else we simply seem like we’re whining about nothing. Even if we don’t agree with you at all times, that conversation is worth more to the public (and CCPs) perception of how representative the CSM is as an institution and therefore how much of a stakeholder it is in CCPs operation.

(Jin'taan) #391

Couldn’t agree more - and as you say, more importantly an in game one. It’s bad UI design that the only way I can find out what ore in a system is by going to an outside resource to find out, for example. This is actually a note that the CSM has been hitting for a long time, so glad to see it echoed here.

TBH this is always the problem with metric based design. Is it that these features are poorly implemented, or that the playerbase at large doesn’t want them? It’s hard to argue the former when this is the first time this CSM is even being exposed to this kind of conversation, and equally why it’s good to be having it.

(Jin'taan) #392

Couldn’t agree more, I’ve talked with @DeMichael_Crimson extensively on how poorly communicated it is.

(Jin'taan) #393

Asked multiple times at the summit.

(Buoytender Bob) #394

I’m both happy and sad how this thread is turning out: happy that new ideas and perspectives are being discussed in a civil manner with a CSM member, sad that this may be the first real substantive discussion I’ve seen in a long time with CSM member. Thanks for engaging, is there any chance that any fellow CSM members would be willing/opened to joining this discussion?:thinking:

(Arrendis) #395

Real, substantive discussions happen all the time w/CSMs. Often it’s via in-game channels where they don’t have a ‘CSM’ block on their name. A number of them are on tweetfleet slack, but that runs into the same ‘this isn’t actually accessible by everyone, and it’s not an official, CCP-owned communications venue’ that you run into with all of the devs who hang out there, too. @CCP_Falcon, at least, has taken the laudible step of deciding not to do the majority of his communication through tweetfleet slack anymore, and I’m hopeful that’ll provide an impetus for the rest of the devs to focus more on the venues all of their customers know about and can easily access… like here.

Heck, most of the players may not even know Tweetfleet slack exists, to go looking for a way to get invited to join.

(Jin'taan) #396

Read some of the vitrol posted towards CSMs, Nullsec and how bad of people we are and how terrible of a job we’re doing and ask yourself if you’d be willing to dig through the trash to get the nuggets of gold.

(Arrendis) #397

We could get xenuria… I know he’s not a CSM this year, but… no, nevermind, bad idea.

(Buoytender Bob) #398

Fair complaint, but it cannot be any worse than the HS community gets from the HTFU and git gud crowd that tends to respond to our concerns when voiced in the forums. The revelation (at least to me) that both the Devs and the CSM rely on slack/ tweet fleet for most of their information gathering outside of fanfest better explains the apparent disconnect with certain player type factions within EVE and re-enforces my belief that those in power must actively reach outside their normal lines of communications to enhance their decision making. Thanks for wading through the swamp to engage with us, I can only hope you are able to direct your fellow CSM members and the Devs to reach out more.

(Krima Sumyungi) #399

It’s really not. EvE has the same dps, tank, healer, support subclasses as all other mmos so the content can be done the same as well. It’s the matter of wanting to put in the effort rather than just phoning in Agency missions.

(Frostys Virpio) #400

There are some stuff that would still not work. Important interrupt would not work, so would tank swap, fire/green/void zones would suck because of the nature of ship control in EVE, “adds” cleaving, AoE damage is cancer to deal with in EVE…

(Arrendis) #401

Ehhhh, healer/support, yeah. DPS, sure. Tank? Everyone needs to be able to tank well enough for the healers to get them. There’s no taunt, no ‘I WILL HOLD AGGRO’ mechanic other than pure DPS, and for the newer AI, even that doesn’t always hold.

(Zetakya) #402

When you get right down to it, EvE has the same Cleric/Mage/Thief/Fighter dynamic as D&D.

Cleric = Logi - Heavy Armour, healing ability, nobody cares about anything you do apart from your heals

Mage = EWAR - battlefield control, debuffs, buffs, die if you so much as get looked at by a combat ship

Thief = Tackle, Interdiction, Stealth & Snipers

Fighter = Mainline DPS - heaviest armour, biggest possible weapon, obsession with kill board, uses intelligence as a dump stat

(Arrendis) #403

Not gonna lie, laughed myself silly over this one.