Introducing The Winter Expansion - EVE Online: Lifeblood

(Johan Civire) #444

Wait you seeing 1 dude get owend by a Alpha guy because he now his s_h_i_t wow. Get real son! So you think that answer you provide us need to feel us better?

(yellow parasol) #445

okay. :slight_smile:

(Jin'taan) #446

I mean I kill blinged out faction frigates in my cheap Atron all the time - ISK will make it easier to win, but skill is the real determinator.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #447

Well, yeah, because I dont think an alpha vexor can beat an omega T3 destroyer when it has better modules and skills and all that… but that guy showed me wrong and further made me believe that this is not a game about skill points but more about how well you fly the ship

(yellow parasol) #448

it is. i mean, about how well you fly your ship. and playerskill.

you know who tells you that’s wrong? those who have none.

playerskill encompasses a lot of things, including, but not limited to:

  • knowing your enemy, his ship, fitting. before you even engage.
  • how to counter-fit against your enemy.
  • knowing how to pick, and which target not to pick.
  • knowing your surroundings.
  • how to kite, slingshot
  • how to keep tracking low, when using long range weaponry.
  • how to avoid getting shot when approaching.
  • counting enemy RoF-seconds, in case of artillery.
  • why it’s bad to blindly use all turrets/launchers in one group.
  • knowing the amount of seconds it takes to reach a certain spot, from anywhere.
  • how to efficiently switch ammunition during a fight.
  • knowing which ammunition not to use ahainst certain enemy ships.
  • knowing that the target painter applies instantly, not one second later.
  • the cloak/mwd trick
  • knowing the benefits of implants and boosters.
  • knowing how to fly your ship well, aka movement, agility, acceleration.
  • knowing which ship is effective when and where
  • and knowing how to abuse a different ship for the same purpose.
  • falcon is primary.
  • disco.

that’s just a few.

Too hard to have any fun as a solo new player
How much does player skill matter?
Skill Training - Just a set of artificial delay timers?
(Arcanith Lionheart) #449

Did somebody said Disco?

(yellow parasol) #450


the youtube version isn’t available to me, for some reason. i suggest watching in HQ, full screen, with volume up.

That’s a disco. :slight_smile:

(Jin'taan) #451

Man, I wonder how many people won’t get why it was called a Lowsec DD.

(Nana Skalski) #452

It doesnt include avatar gameplay of any sort, that is a negative 10 points in my book.

(Slave Rider) #453

RIP Observatorys till at least winter 2018 .

Ideas on how the proposed de-cloaking function could work.

  1. Simple system wide burst with 1 hour cool down timer once its used

  2. Reveals any cloaked ships that are not blue in system

  3. Cloaked ships only need to re cloak up to avoid detection

  4. Make the structure killable or 1 armor reinforcement timer 24 hours.

(Sophie Mcgalien Hoeeg) #454

Why were the refineries nerfed on SISI?

This basically means an athanor after the patch will have same reprocess rate an Astrahus before the patch has.
And an astrahus after the patch will barely be better than NPC stations.

(Ima Wreckyou) #455

Haha, yes I always liked that video. An early version of the pipe bomb if you think about it :grinning:

(Chidorin Takamori) #456

will the number of trade orders for alpha be extended? don’t see why not as you can create other characters and accounts just a matter of convenience

(Rivr Luzade) #457

Any official word on the removal of Cloak-MWD trick and with this also removal of a bit of survival potential for blockade runners in null sec? Except for a player topic in test server feedback and a reddit post, there have not been any official statements from CCP. This lack of communication and “fixing” of non-issues while there are so many more and more important issues is irritating.

@CCP_Falcon @CCP_Lebowski @CCP_Fozzie @CCP Rise

(Corraidhin Farsaidh) #458

This one is important in WH as well, and I see no issue with this trick as it requires skill to execute correctly and repeatedly. Removing it is pointless.

(Viktoriya Talvanen) #459

Regarding the expansion of alpha ships in december, will I be able to train my racial industrial to higher levels than I am currently able to?


(Rivr Luzade) #460

Well, there is a response now. Good to see that it was only a mistake. Now I wonder what was “fixed” that caused this defect.

(Wasted Breath) #461

After reading some of this i think after 11 years eve finaly lost me, once i had 8 accounts now we have 4 but forcing to not enjoying the game as a carebare forcing the pvp to us means no more fun changing all the time the machanics ripping stuff from us we paid for in both time and money

each person should be able to enjoy a game in his or her own liking no matter what the intent of the dev is, saying its a pvp game is not meaning you have to pvp …

losing a raven to a npc because of a weapon you cant tank is no fun its stupid something new and lose isk wow how nice sigh

a war you start because some one is a jerk in the game and others can join means you cant get even with a few people you need to fight a bunch and they dont even need to pay for that good luck with that (marmite) you just make people quit the game :slight_smile:

thats the intent is it not ? for years i seen the player base shrink and i put effort in getting new people in the game useless as to many things keep changing and changing stuff you need to train for and when you finaly got it it disappear or get nerved not make sense

i spend 10.000 euros on this game (not counting the pc uprades) waste of my money because when i am almost where i want to be they nerv tweak and ruin the game…

so far this game also destroyed 4 computers by an update few years ago and that stings not because no mistakes can be made but because they deny it can happen calling me a liar why would i lie about it and still ranting about it after 4 years ? because they did and not even say sorry ? they offerd me nothing to soften the money i lost by bad code…

when you start a war on a small corp being a small corp it should be between those players and not getting 1000 people added to that war with 4 versus 4 not being able to get to that target then we finaly do pvp and it then make no sence at all… better yet we declared war against 3 corp with allready 500 people just the 4 of us and we get a 1000 people extra being just jerks…

i am never going to play a game completely as a dev want me to play it i make my own rules to what i like and dont like avoiding what i dont like to do and trying to have fun my own way… i know 7 people who started in 2003 and all quit i started in 2006 and now i say i have enough…

so ccp goodluck with your eve and have fun destroying your game…

(Tipa Riot) #462

Actually it exactly means that.

(Arcanith Lionheart) #463

This is why WoW has PVE servers, so that people that are confused about what type of player interactions have in them are neatly separated.

You don’t have to PvP, correct, but you Should Not complain when the PvP comes after You, in any shape or form, let it be Market, Mining, Contracts, everything asides Missions (not counting when people use probes to go to you to kill you just the activity) is entirely PvP:

  • Market: Sell orders and Buy Orders against other players
  • Exploration: First one to get to the crate there gets the spoils!
  • Industry: See Market, because I am almost positive you either buy the materials or sell the product
  • Mining: Bump… Bump… Bump… o crap CODE. is here
  • Salvaging: First one to get the wrecks gets the salvage!
  • Events (so far): First one to get to the event place gets everything! Oh wait, he is getting the final blows.
  • Travelling: Ok just finished jumping time to go to the next ga- OH MY GOD A CRUISER TRYING TO SNIPE ME DOWN RIGHT AFTER I DECLOAKED!

Just because you are sad and think things should be your way doesn’t mean it should happen, you need to harden up just like how those small corps need to harden up and be smart about these things when wars are declared and stuff.
In WoW lvl 110 Rogues will always gank the lone lvl 30 Warriors leveling up in PvP servers, so here the big corporations and alliances (usually the ones who can’t pvp well enough) will just boost their ego by declaring war with smaller and more fragile corps in hopes their long roams are worth for killing a single t1 cruiser.

I find it somewhat funny you got that name as a character name after reading that post, to me it feels like those complaints were quite the Wasted Breath.