Invasion Chapter 2, is it just 1 more encounter?

Question in the title.
I have the impression that chapter 2 might escalate as chapter 1 did, with more stuff happening in the next few weeks. Otherwise calling 1 new encounter an expansion would be really lame.

What do you think? Is there more coming this week?

CCP was focused on improving the user experience, particularly for new players, for most of this year. I don’t think this was intended to be a major expansion. That said, the ability for players to chose sides in an NPC conflict has a lot of potential.

I do think we can expect a more dynamic universe with an evolving storyline and adaptive NPC behavior - at least for the Triglavian content - the old PVE content is what it is. We know about structure changes as part of the Talos release next week but beyond that, I expect CCP will basically be shutting down for Christmas holidays until the new year.

There is a lot of things that are probably on their way. It is likely though that things don’t get rolled out with a big bang, but it’s small changes that people will pick up on when they regularly check.

History Proves CCP cant implement BIG upgrades in one lump without months of server crashes hence the small implementations over months lol

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EVERYTHING about this expansion was under-represented.

This was not 1 new encounter, it was 5.

Each Empire race uses their own equipment, EWAR, defenses, logi, and Dreadnaught.

Each Empire has different strengths and weaknesses to overcome.

Both the Trig and the Empire must be sided with to fully build the new rewards.

We haven’t even started fully unpacking what we have on our hands. I can say it is quite fun (though currently kinda buggy)


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