Invasion Expansion

Logged in this morning ready to move stuff and decided it wasn’t worth it.

Why you might ask, because both long routes have invasions on them. One of those routes had 2 clear days in about a week the other has had one for the last 3 days.

People keep on about risk verses reward, there is no reward in moving your own stuff so you have to minimise the risks.

So as I now have plenty of time on my hands I may as well download WOW Classic ready for Monday.

Have to say this is the first time that an expansion in any MMO has prevented me from play it.

For those saying do something else, this moment in time I’m not set up for anything else.

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They don’t scram on gates, so you can just go through the system… just fit enough tank.

Isn’t the reward getting to keep your stuff?


No that’s not a reward as there is no gain, leave it where it is and there would be no risk either.

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Well, presumably there is a gain taking it somewhere. Either to built with or to sell. If there isn’t, why waste your time moving it at all?

Just set up a courier contract if you don’t like the risk. Then you save some time and offload the risk. People move stuff for peanuts.


I routinely move stuff by orca or freighter, through a pipe that is close to being perma-invaded. Unless you tell us what size of ship you are using, I don’t see the problem.

If the thing that I’m moving is “me” it does get a bit more complicated, but even then a badger is buffed enough to get through unscathed.

There is always a choice of doing the moving in stages/partially - you move close to invasion then past it once it ends.

Waiting and whining about whole route being “blocked” is unreasonable and non-constructive way of doing things.


Good riddance.

I’ve flown Corvettes, shuttles, frigs, haulers, DST, cruisers, BC and BS trough Trig invaded space. Not once did I lose a ship or got in any trouble.

It’s really no different from normal, just don’t auto pilot and fit a shield extender or two, if at all.

But if you’re THAT scared then EVE isn’t for you, it never was.

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He keeps it just fine by not undocking…

—Obvious Gadget

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Didn’t say I was leaving, anyway sub doesn’t run out until about the middle of next year. You can play more than 1 game you know.

Really? Who would have thought.

But how many games can you afk in at once?

No idea never tried it.

I do go afk sometimes in EVE but I’m always in a station doing nothing whilst afk.

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Why should we care?

If you didn’t care you wouldn’t post.

Unless you like to post for no reason, other than for the sake of it.

It is a valid question, why should we care if you go AFK. I go AFK in stations for extended periods, I also go AFK for short periods at times with my ships in space when mining, but not in an easy to gank ship, to go for a bio or to make a cup of tea. The simple fact is that it is attitude on making yourself difficult to blow up on how you go AFK.

Going AFK is a personal responsibility in terms of your own assets. Though I suppose some AG will care at people giving easy kills to gankers, like those dimwits who put 96bn in a freighter which just funds more ganks.

A funny AFK event occurred in Kador, there was 5 Orca’s blown up on a moon by Trig recons, he went AFK, I did not care that he lost those ships, I found it amusing. Those little buggers punch hard and that this person missed the fact that they are around was amazing to me.

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I don’t have to worry about having a tank or not as I’ve yet to hear of an NPC station being destroyed. Only ever go afk in an NPC station.

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I think that is why he suggested why should we care. You are obviously playing Eve right so good on you. Which is I suppose me caring. :stuck_out_tongue:

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The afk part in this thread really was in response to a post from Ramona.

I see I dropped the ball on this one as I neglected to link it to that post.