Invasion knowledge share

Thanks. Good info. Looks like I’ll keep the double web plus grapple for now.

World Ark… Things have definitely heated up. Didn’t venture into the foothold systems but the perimeter systems were pretty nutz for solo/small gang stuff.

Cleared a few minor conduits. Loot and salvage wasn’t bad. Not too many salvage scum as there were heavy spawns of trigs.

Overall good stuff I thought. Would/Will do again.

Wouldn’t you be better off using a Vindicator and saving yourself a bil or so?

I was chatting with a player in Gisleres and he said that two 3 bil ISK fit Vargurs is all that is needed to run the World Ark.

I watched and have videos to support his claim.

If all it takes is two 3 bil ISK fit Vargurs perma tanking the World Ark, then where is the ISK vs. Risk factor at.

I think CCP should come up with some way to ensure that two ships cannot simply perma tank the World Ark.

Do you have the fit?

Is that the Russian guy?

Edit: by the way, the spawns vary (even in Major conduits). Few times we got almost no Starving NPC’s. Other time we got around 8 Starving Drekavac’s (BC). So, I am just wondering what will happen once the neut pressure hits one of those Vargurs.

So I’ve read in the invasion description that minors are suitable for 1-3 players while majors are for 5-6 players. I’ve blown up some ships with various bling fit and was not able to do any minor solo.
Besides Loki and marauders has anyone have any success with other ships?

I run minors with double RR Leshaks with little issues. Neut pressure from zorya can be a bit dicey at the end. I attempted a major and barely escaped with 50% structure on one shak… so yeah not trying that.

I got a 200 mil skill book from a drop. It was the first drop I ever looted from a Trig. My guess is I will never see another.