Inventory Button Strobes For No Reason

I have seen this before when doing career missions, since the UI changes my Inventory is doing the blue strobe effect. There is nothing that kills this under settings. I set the button blink off and still it continues. When I open my inventory it stops only while the window is open. There is nothing in the inventory to make this effect happen. When I close the inventory window the button starts to strobe again. This effect is driving me up the wall.

Did not happen before change, happens now, so this is 100% a glitch on your end and not my hardware or software. Looks like you need more time to fix these beta things before you release them into the wild.

Here are some visuals.

I am hauling the crate in this mission and all the time I am travelling through space this inventory icon strobes blue. As you can see I have the crate per mission perameters.


When I click on this crate it tells me to place it in cargo. It is in the cargo hold and I am flying to the drop off. Why is this not able to be TURNED OFF ever?! This UI really sucks. I enjoy the game but I can’t understand people paying this company for a 2 tone UI without the options to opt out of the hypnotic blue prompts.

See image below in next post as I am only allow 1 image per post.

These also appear when I am doing other missions completely unrelated to the career missions. I will go play something on my Playstation instead for now. Sorry to bother you.


Have a nice day.

I finally figured this out by myself. Not even user support has the answers. The people who made the game ought to know how this thing works.

Cause - The button started blinking due to changes made to the UI ( user interface ). I had/have missions left unfinished in other parts of the map and this was one of those missions. When they changed the “Agent Button Icon” to “Opportunities” It started hassling me about my unfinished missions.

Solution - Drop or finish the mission or open the “Opportunities” and untrack them. I turned the trackers off. But if you take another mission and don’t finish up, it will track the new mission.

This has been a real experience here in self help.

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