Mildly to Moderatly Infuriating UI problems that need addressed

  • Inventory: Why do inventory windows auto-scroll when I’m 4 lines away from the top or bottom? Could we please get some control over this, or be able to disable it altogether? It would also be really great if the inventory tree had an option to maintain its state so we don’t have to drill down every time we open it. The market and certain other windows have this as default behavior.

  • Scroll bars: please let us make them a usable width and turn off the auto-hide. NOTE: I kept messing with UI settings (compact mode and anything that sounded like it affected window size) and somehow made the bars stop auto-hiding.

  • Tooltips: their in my way constantly. Setting a long delay doesn’t work because the setting is broken and delays will randomly jump between what you set them as and about one second. I submitted a bug report almost three years ago, btw. Would also be great if we could choose where the tooltip appears in relation to the pointer.

  • Sidebar: Could we please get some always-visible names for the sidebar buttons, just as we have with inventory contents? I don’t even care if that means choosing between buttons and actual words, just please consider this. If neither of those are options, how about some color for the icons to make the meaningless symbols more distinct?

  • Mission decline warning: PLEASE bring back the warning for declining missions more than once every four hours. I don’t understand why this was removed. Note: if there is a switch that disables the warning, I didn’t see it so its possible I might have done this accidentally.

  • 3-button menu (i.e. window menu): It wold be great if the dots were widened to become bars that filled the entire clickable area. It would be even better if we had the option to move the window menu to the upper left corner of the window frame.

  • Bookmarks: It would really nice if the Search field in bookmarks actually searched your bookmarks rather than just being a redundant universal search box.

  • Page up/Page down: For those of us who need to use these keys for something other than their default purpose, it would be great if the functions we map to them wouldn’t activate when we’re in a scrollable window.


It wasn’t removed. It’s at the bottom of the mission description if you decline it. It’s up to YOU to remember what time it was when you declined your last mission. Put it in the notepad or something.

That’s my whole point. You used to be warned about this with a pop-up, and that’s no longer the case. That’s a stupid change.

Its been at the bottom as long as i can remember. I think there is a prompt under settings to not show again. You may have clicked that.

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Now that is useful info. If that toggle was there I missed it. Will check, thanks.

@Mr_Beardsley look under Settings → Reset Settings → Reset Suppress Message Settings


I’m not sure what Edencom has to do with anything I posted but I did what you said. What will this reset do?

Anything that required a pop up like traveling to losec, or triglavian territory, or the warning you mentioned, should all be reset. So if you told something “do not show again” those should all be reset


No, every interface must have it’s own set of icons that are unique to that interface, they must all be monochromatic, and you must learn them all.

See Windows 11.
See Modern Cars.

I hate this trend. Another example of how as technology advances it becomes less user friendly.


I agree about the tooltips being in the way. Very annoying

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The hilarity of people pointing out the very features of things that make them easier for the less intelligent to use, and saying they need those options everywhere. Brings actual tears of laughter. :rofl:

I don’t understand what you’re saying? I’m pointing out that these “features” do NOT make things more user friendly.

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You misunderstand what “user friendly” actually means.

“Users” are the lowest common denominator, and if you don’t fall into that category, it actually makes your life more difficult. Not only is “user friendly” counter-intuitive to even the slightly above average user, but it allows the LCD to utilize equipment and tech they really have no business operating.

Tooltips need to die a horrible death (option to turn off).

Just make Eve a text-based console game where the players have to memorize long but very versatile commands to type in to do anything in the game. Then CCP could sell a thick printed book detailing all the possible commands.

As wise man once said:

You can please some of the people some of the time, but no matter what you do, someone is going to complain about it.

or something to that effect. :grin:

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You know what? If they laundered it through a fake indie company like EA does, it would sell like crazy if it didn’t require a sub. Let people build their own interfaces for it, like we’ve seen for certain simulator engines. That’s a multi-million dollar idea.

“Users” are anyone who is not a developer or administrator. Your IT lexicon is wrong.

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