Is being AFK in FW sites legal?

Is being AFK in FW sites legal ? many people answered it is , but i heard about bot banning system making mistakes so i was told best way is to orbit site and do smth other , is it true ?
Thanks and im sorry for my english - still learning

It’s okay. Just be prepared to return to your ship in a pod or back in a station after someone killed you while you were AFK.

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i think after defending 1 site cost of tormentor will be repaid twice in lps
Thank you for your reply!

Once people realise you afk in sites a lot, you may start to lose more than two tormentors per site.

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Well, being afk is never illegal, as long as there’s no botting involved.
This way you provide content to other players.

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Now this might cause some Flak.
But if I have ANY reason to suspect you are a bot
(Afk, unfit d-plex farm ship, constantly running away)
Right Click, report as Bot, let CCP figure it out.

So :

No it’s not illegal by CCP Standards
Yes, you will get reported and CCP can figure it out.

Hang all Bots and Farmers


Here’s a good way to look at legality. If there is an in-game feature or function you are using (no third party software), and CCP hasn’t openly declared the action to be an exploit, it’s legal. That includes leaving your character in a Faction Warfare site and walking away from the computer. You aren’t taking any action that is outside of normal game function. The risk is yours, in that if you’re not there to defend your ship or warp out, it dies if someone stumbles upon it. So this action is self-managed through the warfare mechanic.

Now if you went into the site, went afk, and were using third party software to warp you out when you walked away from the computer, that ‘is’ illegal as other posters have said. If it’s just Eve’s UI and application though, you’re safe.


I know you ! You’re nice guy from milita channel !
Thx for reply , i got some kills so im no longer inrested in defending , still thx !

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Thx for reply!

Figured its more profitable to attack in FW , dont have any thoughts about being afk now !
I like to blow npcs up , and now bots ( found some and got 18 easy kills)
Thx for reply!

I am proud and happy to see that OP has become a fierce bothunter.


Thx! I lost many ships recently … But im not gonna stop my bothunt!

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