Is CCP Falcon still alive and around?

rip falcon we will miss you

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Suck up. :kiss:

This is actually childish.


Yeah, seriously, what’s more likely:

1 - You’re an asshole and he keeps kicking you for being an asshole.
2 - Of all people he hates you specifically and treats YOU unfairly.

The answer is pretty obvious for everyone but yourself …
… and all the other Type 1s around here.

I can say this, because I’ve had YEARS worth of bans behind me. Literally years. The whole spectrum up to the PermaBan, until this forum opened up and all former bans got lifted. Tell you what … he was always right. He was most likely also always right kicking your butt, but you’re just a child. You’re unable to comprehend what you’re doing wrong, so obviously you blame the guy who kicks your ass.

You’re just doing the same as every other asshole who refuses to acknowledge that he’s an asshole.


I dont know someone keeps flagging you posts, if I’m like most readers then his actions are futile since I keep reading your posts anyways :rofl::rofl::rofl:


He is one of the very few posters I blocked. Easiest solution.

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