Is CCP Finished?

With threads like this one is it no surprise why devs don’t post here more often.

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Why is this suddenly so new? I’ve been literally telling you guys for the past 5 years that we’re going to end up at this point if CCP doesn’t get their ■■■■ together. Now look where we are.

Anyone wants his fortune told?


With threads like this I’m surprised devs don’t post more often. Do you know CDPR? One tweet made market crazy (“Beep”). Marketing starts at OF not on reddit.

All you do is complain. If it’s not something in the game then it’s about the game, and when that’s not it, then you complain about the company.

You’re never going to be happy. You might as well dig a hole and bury yourself in it.

I have to agree with OP.

For me CCP looks currently like a company lead by locusts, who are trying to press the most money out of this game while they can.

Yes they have to make real life ISK to pay for their employees and so on, but it’s a big difference between game developers who want to create a good game which pays for itself and those who just see the cash grab in it.

You know it’s bad when short term revenues are more important than the state of the product. CCPs biggest problem at the moment is its leadership.


For sake of fairness, I will contend these:

“Massive round of layoffs”

Not really massive, most people just were outsourced along the VR studios. BUT of the REK personnel, firing the community relations team is a terribad sign.

“Executive producer shown the door (no replacement)”

CCP Seagull left the company after 8 years for family reasons. That was the same reason why her predecessor CCP Unifex left, just he had older children and the point was that he didn’t drag his family to iceland so weekending to England was quite an issue. Of course, since the communtiy team was fired and that ripped out one of the legs on which Seagull’s approach standed, the layoffs might have facilitated her decission to leave.

“Outsourcing the AT for the first time ever”

That’s just a natural consequence of firing the commnuity team and specifically CCP Paradox.

“Push into the mobile platform with not one but two games”

Those games have been paid essentially by specialyzed developers. Whether they work or don’t, it’s up to people who know what they’re doing, and CCP will just get a share for the licensing. Thi might be one of the sanest decisisons ever taken by Hilmar, let game developers develop licensed games and keep CCP as a EVE Online’s caretaker.

“Impending release of another 1st person shooter in the battle royale market”

Likely this will be CCP’s last attempt at developing a new game in-house.

“Inability to attract and retain new players”

Partialy wrong. EVE is attracting new players, and a lot of them, just look at new characters creation -it’s doubled since F2P. But retention was, is and will always be a wasteland. Last thing we knew about the new NPE was that it had reduced initial retention (btw, has anyone heard of CCP Ghost in the last year?) and currently ends with the good ole’ career agents, but also points players towards RW (just not a lot according to NozyGamer).

EVE is attractive. But also drives away 90% of new players in their first week. Half of them, actually, don’t even finish the NPE. And of course, the very first thing a new player does in EVE is to create an awesome 3D avatar and portrait of his new “me”… and we all know what happens later to that avatar.


No I’m not. I’m compIaning about devs activity.I love new Abyssal space for example. It is something I was lobbing for a very long time.

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See? This is exactly what happens when one complains all day. People lose track of what it actually is you complain about. It’s like having tinnitus.

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CCP Paradox is QA and he’s still very much with CCP. Me thinks you’re mixing him up with Logibro. Logibro was responsible for organizing the AT.

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Let’s not forget that we have the ISDs now and they’re doing a good job. They are closer to the community than a CCP employee could ever be.

Hi there,
Google Now just threw this thread at me, so I figured I’d read it, even thought I haven’t been seriously playing in a while.

I started playing in 2006, and was quite active for many years - in the game, the community and in 3rd party development.

This changed withing the past few years, for several reasons, obviously my real life, as for so many, had influence on it, but also the course the game was going.

EVE used to be distinctive different to any other mmo out there, but after seagull became executive producer, the game was changed in many ways that lead away from what I liked about the game.
EVE used to be extremly complex, and you had to know a lot about ships fittings and probabilities to be successful - but the game designers who where recruited from the community changed it to be less complex, from the 4 races having very distinct play styles to something where each race can fill all roles - a change that favored numerical advantage over tactical prowess.
Then Ccp listened to the hordes of people who kept insisting that jump drives create an unfair force projection advantage, and, with the introduction of jump fatigue basically made hot drop gameplay unviable for most smaller entities, while the larger groups use jump clones and a second capital to project. But individual players who used carriers to carry there things around where left with nothing.
Fighters where changed, so rather than working like other ships, carriers now need more micromanagement, for no ones benefit at all.

At the same time, whenever new content was added ccp went out of their way to make it accessible for players within their first one to two years of playing, which in turn means there was nothing added that players of 5 or 10 years could work towards, and nothing that rewards sticking around.

Do I need to mention skill injectors? I used to be proud of having the most focused character on eve board (for those who don’t know: most skill points per skill), and besides all the planing and the years it took me to get the character there, this also made him very valuable. It took less than half a day after skill injectors where introduced for completely fresh characters to move past him.
And the skill injectors by design are build so building a new character is cheaper than rearranging skill points on an existing, old one - which to me, and many of my peers at the time felt like ccp punishing us for sticking around.

Now there is so much more things that where added or changed that over time made the game feel less and less attractive to me.

I mean look at it, lately they even added instances - now some might say no big deal, or other games have those too…
But during the times where EVE was the game I loved most, the stance of ccp was “instances are not EVE” and that shows how the attitude towards the game has changed.

Anyway, I’m rambling.

Runours that eve is dying or that ccp is going bancrupt have been there since well, since I’ve started playing, probably since they launched the game.
But as much as they have changed that drove me away, there is one thing you shouldn’t forget: they are still here, despite those rumors, and they have a history of defying the odds.

I’m pretty confident that ccp and eve will last Fr another decade, and somewhere deep inside I hope the pendulum will swing back and at some point I’ll enjoy the game again.

Until then I’ll take comfort in knowing that EVE is more than the game we play. It’s the people we meet, the relationships we form and the friends we make - and while I’m not actively playing, those aspects still enrich my life.

Peter Powers.


Same feeling, very good move, and I hope it pays out. CCP is not a jack of all trades, but has very special competencies (keeping a unique game, with unique gameplay, and unique infrastructure running), they have to focus on.

It’s a risk sure, but Nova looks like to be in very competent hands. Also they are teaming up with Sumo if I remember correctly, and not doing it completely in-house. CCP desperately needs another cash cow, and this time I’m confident, this will work.

In fact I see CCP in a good spot now, from a strategy perspective. Whether this pays out in revenue, and player retention/satisfaction we will see.

EDIT: personal note:

The Abyss update made me diving deeper into the game mechanics and options than many feature adds before. I feel the thrill again, the passion for this game, and even started a small community.

Should get you thinking about your privacy and what the data kraken knows about you…

But concerning your post, I wholeheartedly agree. Seagull chased after casuals and dumbed EVE down, driving old players away in favor of attracting new players that expect EVE to be World of Warcraft with Spaceships. Of course that’s what CCP is turning EVE into, one patch at a time. It’s just that the crowd they’re chasing after has yet to materialize, while all of the old guard loyal hardcore players are leaving for greener pastures.

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Thank you for your concern.

Google does not know anything that I wouldn’t want it to know in that aspect :slight_smile:

Oh, you’d be surprised…

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you based that on what? If that Sumo is Sumo Digital then they focus on sports games mostly. I don’t see FPS in their portfolio. NOVA is supposed to be free game which includes microtransacions. It would have to be game changer product in FPS genre to be a cash cow.

Companies grow and shrink all the time: they try some new adventure, assess it afterwards and cut it off if it doesn’t work out. This is nothing new, nothing special and nothing ominous.

Seagull leaving after 8 years is also nothing ominous, 8 years is a long time for any sort of work like that and given the harsh job requirements (working&living in Iceland isn’t exactly great for any prolonged periods of time, especially not when you have a family). Seagull did a lot of good things and some questionable things (instancing being one of them, making the game more mainstream is another).

On the whole CCP will always suck and mess up, they will always have a cool game that doesn’t really have any competition (if it doesn’t move more mainstream), people will always whine and EVE will always be dying.

Don’t think heavy handed censorship of unfavorable opinions is a good message to send, anywhere, on any forum, about any subject.

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But when you see it and ask an ISD to unhide it will they come and do it (if it’s appropriate). Abuse of the flagging system is a problem, but it’s still better than no flagging system.

What are you even talking about? Nobody mentioned flagging. She suggested the mods should delete the thread to hide a negative thread that makes the game look bad (dead, may it be true or not is another subject), to which I posted what I did, none of which has anything to do with flagging or moderation in general. It is simply about corporate practices (and community practices in general) about censoring negative “press” (feedback).