Is dying actually EVE?

Is this game really just about blowing stuff up and getting blown up? All aspects of the economy point to that.

By the way, this game is not dying. Quit the paranoia.


Same as life really.

Well, considering we’re immortal pod-pilots that can survive innumerable deaths.

The answer is obviously, Yes…No.

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Is your actual question, this?
Is a question really this?
Is question, asking, you are . . . wot m8, u?


Entropy vs Everyone

EVE was initially envisioned by some hard-core PvP types as kind of a ‘wild West in space’, where laws were minimal, the Sherriff was a long way off, everyone and their brother carried a pistol and weren’t afraid to use it to protect their territory.

EVE was intended to be a PvPers dream environment, with few limits on the hunting and players could do as they like… but that your actions had consequences and you had to be prepared to accept them (low standings, lost ships, etc.). No handholding needed because we’re all tough pilots.

The original notion was attractive enough, to enough people, to account for EVE’s early growth and success. The game design was broken from the get-go, but with a lot of space, and a lot of new players coming through, and a lot of people who hadn’t figured things out yet, and little competition in the way of space/sci-fi games; it managed to bumble along fairly successfully for 6 or 7 years.

Then the cracks between what the game was selling/advertising, and what it was actually offering, began to be too big to ignore.

The game was originally supposed to be about blowing up, getting blown up, and also having enough of a ‘universe’ to allow for competition for resources, production, and in trade. These were all needed to support the expense and losses of PvP while also providing people with a little more something to do beyond just ship to ship combat.

So no, not only about blowing things up. Also, all aspects of the economy do not point to that, but the overall driver behind activity in EVE is that of being on a ‘war economy footing’: resource gathering and production for the purpose of being able to support future conflict.

The poor design comes in where people are more naturally inclined towards resource accumulation and wealth generation, and less inclined to engage in risky/lossy combat unless wins are fairly certain.

So you end up with a “blow things up PvP sandbox” where blowing things up is actually not directly rewarded, is too risky for most players, and is less rewarding than PvE activities. But the PvE activities are only there to support the combat which (for the most part) is not actually taking place.

3 times as much production as destruction, month after month and year after year, makes for a rather dull ‘blowing things up’ game.


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