Is Eve Online too toxic?

In my experience, the more someone does PvP, the more chill, relaxed, friendly, and non-toxic they are. That’s generally true in real-life as well. The biggest trash talkers in the game are innocent little Ventures and self-proclaimed “industrialists”.


Because it’s the interesting bit to discuss. There’s shades of grey but it’s a matter of degrees which is not really pertinent to the point I was making. „Two kinds of players tend to show up…“ the others exist but not really important when talking about toxicity in the community.

The whole „everything is relative“ isn’t really a useful critique since it can be levied at anything and everything. Unless you’re a genuine nihilist this line of questioning is not useful.

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I find this to be the complete opposite.

Case in point.


I hope this is still CCP’s point of view…


I never know how to interpret this word “toxic” as it is used today because it seems to encompass just about anything a person could do that another person could conceivably dislike, up to and including stating an inconvenient truth.

People who go out of their way to make other people miserable in real life are what I’d call toxic were I to give the term some meaning, and in this vein I’ve never found the game to be all that bad. Eve is harsh, and people are out to get you in that harsh world, but I have not had that transition into my real life.

Of course I have been ribbed. People talk crap all the time, but it’s not serious. I don’t feel like there is any real threat, nor do I feel like I’ve been threatened in so far as my real life personal safety is concerned.

Toxic elements exist, but as mentioned by others these people are generally those who do not PvP, and so do not accept loss in any form. Unable to retaliate against a person’s in game persona, they instead target the real player’s emotional state and try to damage it in any way possible.

That said, I am a PvE player myself. People expected this sort of behavior out of me, and when they didn’t get it they generally let me be. Some will say it is proof of so called salt mining. I tend to think it is proof that while they have reason to shoot me, they have no reason to hate me since I don’t personally attack them for getting the better of me.

Those who can lose and accept that it’s the way of things sometimes are fine folks. Those who lose and raise a huge stink about how terrible people are for beating them and beg authority to save them tend to be the ones to create the toxic environment that inhibits regular play.

Even were I the sort who wanted to gank, or shoot other players, I might think twice about it because I don’t want to deal with what comes out of those self labeled “peaceful industrialists”. If I die to a gank, it’s over and done with then and there. If I gank someone, I could be dealing with crap in my inbox for days or weeks, and being a loser seems to make one exempt from enforcement.

One of the good guys is what I want to be, and I need people to play the bad guys, which means that I want them to be able to do the things that bad guys do, and I want them to feel safe from harassment for playing that role. Ironic that the people who cry most about Eve being toxic when they lose are also the ones I think are the most toxic in their behavior. I don’t know how common that sort of player is, though, since I am not the person doing the shooting in the exchanges I’ve been a part of.


Yup, as many of us experience so often: it’s never the evil pvpers who are nasty with real life (death) threats and wishing of deadly diseases when crossed if even just a little bit. It’s always, and exclusively, the super friendly carebears with super friendly and positive bios, corp messages and whatnot.


It really does take a different form vs the COD, Dota 2, LoL, and other mainstream games.

Alot of it in the form of drama and large leadership egos.

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Something like 90% of the toxicity i see on these forums is self inflicted. someone makes an ass of themselves, gets called out, doubles down


If the mentality of people here is also reflected in RL then we are so doomed as humans.

Fair enough.

Not really. I think the mass majority of people in this game are here to have fun and blow crap up. Or build crap to be blown up. There are some bad eggs and some trolls. But as with all things in life, the loudest voice in the room is what people concentrate on.

Some people get overly obsessed with their right to do certain things in games, and similarly some people get overly attached to the things they get blown up. I’ve seen that a little bit in game, but much more on the forums. I don’t I’ve seen someone straight up being offensive in chat more than like 10 times, where they’re truly just going balls to the wall offensive.

I think this is a terrible example, as a Brit who uses that term when talking about smoking. Saying that in any company that isn’t a Brit and in the context of having a ciggie is going to make it seem like you’re being homophobic.

We’re on an MMO, communicating with people all over the world who have different cultures and interpretations of words. If you could just pull the, “Well it’s not offensive to use that word where I come from”, line, then there’d be no way to enforce any sort of CoC when it came to communication. We all know that specific term can be used as an insulting way, and I’d like to think we’re far beyond being oblivious that there are LGBT people that play games in this day and age. So just don’t use it when it can be taken out of context.

Here’s another example for you. I once offended an American Asian friend by asking if they were “Oriental” or central Asian when we were chatting. In the UK that term literally just means from east or south-east Asia. In the US it is used as a derogatory term. They got very upset, but when I asked why we had a conversation. I stopped using that term around people from the US or if I didn’t know what the company was, because it’s easy to be misunderstood.

That’s how you actually act if you don’t want to upset people. Even if you don’t mean it that way, these words have long histories of hatred behind them, and they cause a reaction in people. It’s not hard to just keep that in mind when talking publicly.

Also FYI, the term you’re thinking of is to refer to a cigarette. Not the cigarette butt.

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It would be good if people trained to Level V Toxicity were as rare as some skins. But then again, that would remove a good deal of the reason for blapping people.


Report horrible people. Block those people. Move on. Welcome to the internet everyone. Especially in multiplayer games.


In my experience, there’s a direct inverse relationship between the amount of ‘movement’ a person does in the game and the level of toxicity. Those who are moving about the most, and are the most active, are generally the least toxic.


ok let me ask this. who is it that supplies the materials for all those fancy modules that you pvpers so much love and enjoy?.. who is it that mines ore minerals for the materials needed to manufacture ammo… weapon modules etc.? and yet you have the nerve to pick on industrialists that provide a massive part of the economy…

much like you that has that outlook on industrialists i too view gankers… much exactly the same way. now i have nothing against you Aiko. what do have a problem with are plonker gankers that get joy at screwing with industrialists that are trying to gather ore to refine into minerals to then manufacture modules of all kinds. thats what i have against gankers while you may LOVE pvp etc. NOT everyone does that.

GANKERS are a big issue.

It’s not black and white. Gankers often build their own ships gankers do mine and produce the ammo and gear to support their gameplay.

I pity you for your lack of an open mind. Please if you want to have an open debate id be happy to talk about why gankers are not as evil as you think and that people who seem “GOOD” are actually horrible arms dealers who supply everyone with guns to blow each other up.

Have an open mind. Gankers are not all evil salt miners. Gankers are pretty darn good at industry and logistics (pulling concord, scouting, hauling gear). Escape the brainwashing.

And if you produce destroyers, attack battlecrusiers, bombers, and the ammo for it you have a high chance of directly helping gankers.


ok then pal prove me wrong… about gankers… dont go and blow people in hs up then and MAYBE then i may see gankers in a slightly different light.

Because Gankers are also industrialists? And the “good” industrialists who build common gank gear are fueling the stuff they hate.

Do you disagree with what anything I typed in my previous post?

Alot of these people gank those fat freighters for ISK. Sure some go for ventures but those are just hobbiests/salt miners found in every game.

It is wrong to just throw in the memer gankers and the gankers who operate a real industrial network of production/destruction together.

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no wrong actually. every ganker i have . seen blow up freighters etc. have always had a freighter of their own waiting in the wings to scoop up all of that frieghters ore. which there are alot of freighters that haul ore.

again prove me wrong that gankers actually do honest to god mining themselves. then i may again see gankers in a different light.