Is gas huffing or pve better for isk

as an alpha account and coming back to the game after seven months. which one would be better to try and plex with?

Gas huffing is PvE. Good luck trying to plex your account.
Update your progress in this thread, please.

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hmm not really at least the last time i did gas it was player that got me not npcs

Because PvE is used to fan the fires of PvP but Mining, which is what gas huffing is, is a PvE activity.

Well, are you going to be a day tripper into whs? Well… this will be really hard then, because who will kill the rats in the clouds for you? Even if you can find clouds with no rats, then the players will get you.

You could tough, you could get this ISK, could buy the PLEX, could get the omega, but it will be pure masochism… it will be slow, with great effort, many failures will come, and then all this rewarding ISK will disapear and become Omega time. You will pretty much burn yourself

The right way of doing this is finding a group, you will need 3-4 ships inside the hole, you need a hangar, you need somewhere to store and compact the gas for you, need updated bookmarks, need people listening for pings, etc. Then you can have enough ISK for Omega in about a month

why not just low sec gas?

it’s pretty easy and chill to plex an account with gas huffing, but i’d reccomend having something active to do as well otherwise it’ll become an idle game whilst you watch youtube


I used to huff a fair amount of LS gas, but it becomes pretty tedious after a while. The isk can be pretty good, but i only used it for buying replacement ships and modules I lost in pvp. Plexing an account with gas huffing is going to lead to burnout. Some quick loose math…

An alpha venture huffs 4 units every 30s or so, LS gas goes for around 100k a unit. So 8 units a minute (800k x 60 mins = 48M) plex is around 2.5 billion for 30 days. 2.5bil/48M is 52 hours of huffing.

Over 2 days a month. That doesn’t count the time to find the sites, time lost docking to drop off what you huffed, docking because of other players, and transporting it all to a hub for someone to actually buy it, and all with no ship loss.

That can of course be improved, you can find gas in edencom systems (10% reduced cycle time) and you can fork over big isk for syndicate gas scoops, which would cut your time in half (they harvest 4 units instead of 2 per cycle).

Though IMO it’s going to be a really boring way to try to play “for free” since it will just be hour on hour of scanning for sites, watching a gas scoop cycle, and hoping you don’t get dropped on by someone who blows up your venture and deletes 30-40 mins of “work”.

A more fun plan, make a battle venture (blasters or autocannons, a probe launcher, mwd and a pair of scrams, and some combat drones). Scan down gas sites, bookmark the clouds and drop in on someone else huffing, best case scenario what they huffed drops and you can move it right into your mining hold ;^).


Then ok, just will take time to find enough gas, but it won’t be stressful

Probably gas since alpha is now limited to level 3 missions. They are not bad, but I think at best you get 30mil/hour.

Abyss probably not a choice either with alpha, the lower tiers have really crappy rewards and higher won’t be doable with alpha.

Although you can scan signatures and do DED sites, that might be much better than gas huffing or do anomalies to get DED as escalation.

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