Is Hisec ganking good for the game?

If ganking freighters is so easy, why don’t people stop mining for trash isk and instead they could start ganking freighters for easy isk?


Reduce the drop rate for ganking in high.sec and the problem should be reduced to an healthy amount.

Hullo Laurie, your post drew my attention.

Highsec ganking appears to me to be in a healthy state at the moment. It is even generating emergent counter-gameplay, in the form of the garrulous Githany Red and her charmingly optimistic acolytes.

Given that the state of the New Order Treasury is probably a good deal healthier than that of most Highsec Alliances, I believe that your suggestion would not dent by much the activities of Highsec’s Heroes - if at all.

No doubt you rushed into print before you had an opportunity to check whether what you were suggesting resembled - in this instance - anything more substantial than a piece of low-hanging fruit.


It’s not as much good as it is neccesary. Without ganking the entire game economy would suffer tremendously and occupations such as miner, industrialist, trader and especially hauler would quickly lose all appeal due to severely lowered income.

Yes that’s right, haulers would lose if hauling became safe. If it’s safe everyone could do it which would limit contracts for individual haulers not to mention the price for a freighter would sky rocket if they got blown up less frequently then what is currently the case.


Actually there is. It just takes some effort.

Whatever you guys say its just to easy to gank expensive ships as it is right now. Brng me the graph or arguments you want it just take a few 10m ships to gank something expensive… How long does it take to farm 10m? 10 mins?

Like I previously said I dont think it should be blocked … it has to exist.

It should just be harder to gank in HS then it is now.

It should just be easier to gank in HS then it is now.


Salty antiganker Rusell has confirmed that ganking is not a problem.



“Please CCP, give me a friend”



One Omega Freighter Account = £12/month

5 Catalyst gank accounts = £60/month

Theres your graph right there.


A few?

Maybe if you were a bit more honest with yourself you’d understand better.

How much for 30 Catalyst gank accounts, plus 5 scouts, 3 gate tacklers, a freighter, a bumper, and a DST? Also I need stations on each gate, and I gotta buy a few thousand Catalysts - is there a package deal like a newbro ganker starter kit?

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A shocking, player involved solution, would be to hire security forces to fleet up and protect. Its almost like as an MMO, we should interact with others. Shocking.


The one thing I dislike about the ganking mechanic is that there is just no risk for the ganker, only calculation. If you calculate correctly you have a near 100% chance of succeeding the gank, intervening is impossible. If they calculation shows it is not favourable it simply doesn’t happen. It’s not really exiting pvp or anything. I think there should really be some time where you are suspect before you can just open fire on everything.

disclaimer: I have never been ganked

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If ganking is so easy, how come more people don’t gank for easy isk?

I’m surprised more fleets don’t hire you as their chief theorycraft calculator. You could even use this approach in nullsec, just plug variables into a formula and win.

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hmmm did the prey make a calculation before flying their ship into the fire

hmm thats why we calculate , why cant carebears.

well i /we are -10 and can be shot at any time, anywhere , by anyone is that enough

Alts rarely are

It might be easier to list who is ganked more than rarely as opposed to who is not.

The same thing can be written for just about anything in the game - “if you calculate it correctly, there’s a near 100% chance of suceeding”

However, what if they don’t calculate it correctly, or just go for it, knowing it might work or not if the pilot has implants, etc.?

That’s where risk occurs for the gankers. They don’t kill everything 100% of the time. They still lose their ships though.

If a hauler prepares correctly, then there’s a near 100% change of succeeding in their shipment. Even if they don’t prepare correctly, the success rate isn’t much below 100% anyway.