Is it a PvP game again?

Has the game continued down the path of instanced PvP and hand holding over the last year or two? I’m getting the itch again, but I feel like I already know what it’ll be like.

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The Abyssal Proving Grounds are only done during special events. They are not that popular anymore either even when they are on. The game overall is in a much healthier place than it was previously with regards to pvp.


Yah the stopped the proving grounds a while back lol. Guess it didn’t really take off.

The public PVP fleets like SF is going great OP. Would really recommend their roams.

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I still come back from time to time to PvP, and always have a good time. I hardly noticed that the instanced stuff existed. Occasionally there were forum posts that read like “CCP needs to fix the PvP arenas! They are broken! The players that are good at PvP always win! This is totally unfair!!”, and then I just kind of stopped hearing about it.

That said, PvP in general has been in decline for awhile. You can definitely still have fun with it, either solo or in groups, but there are less PvP dramas playing out concurrently than there were in the old days. But if you are the type to create PvP dramas, instead of waiting for them to come along, you will still find some fun gameplay.

Eve Online is an environment that Capsuleer’s choose to live in. Eve is not PvP centered. Eve is content centered.


Eve stands for everyone vs everyone. It’s a PvP game with its wings clipped.

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Thanks. I do have a knack for creating drama :eyes:

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Thanks. Solo PvP is the only kind worth any minerals though.

If Eve stood for everyone vs everyone, then there wouldn’t be any corporations and Eve Online would simply be a mosh pit. that everyone would eventually grow up from.

Try again.

No it literally stands for that. The fact it’s changed and now people can live in safety doesn’t change history. That is quite literally why it’s called EvE Online. Don’t tell me to try again just because you don’t like the facts I’ve generously dispensed for you.


Yah EVE does stand for Everyone vs Everyone. :joy:

It’s an acronym.

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Now to further your education on acronyms, @DrysonBennington , we have the acronymical sentance

Acronymical Sentance

The use of an acronym in the form of a sentence, using upper case for the emphasis of the acronym.


“Following Utter Comedic Kings, Over Fellow Followers”

The Acronymical sentence does not have to make sense, but it’s genius when it can be done, @Zaera_Keena ofcourse being a genius!

by Zaera Keena October 11, 2023


now it is a shooter.

compete for resources is also considered PVP

/I will sit out for now my pilot is drinking

And the main content is other players.

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Drinking what Frosty?

Great this is crime and punishment.

Just had to check where I had typed that.

I am drinking my own pod goo each time I jump out and back in my +5 implant clone each time I need to undock.


Sounds extremely unhealthy and disgusting. :stuck_out_tongue: :thinking: