Is it allowed to abuse the forum moderation flags?

It already works that way: if your flags are deemed appropriate by mods - your flagging power (level of trust?) is increased to the point of 1-flag-hide. If you are caught abusing flagging system - your flag power is reduced.

They were flag for spam because you posted the exact same message three times in a row.

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No, that’s not true.

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Oh thanks buddy! However, if I posted that, though, it would be flagged for harassment and abusive spam - so I hope @ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode can see the hypocrisy here.


No, it’s not.

So, how do explain the three linked posts, all repeating exactly the same thing, replying to yourself, over the course of a couple of hours?

Oh, that’s not my fault - it’s what I’m going to start doing everytime you abuse the moderation features of the forum and hide my posts. I’m just gonna go back through and repost every single post, and then you can flag them again, and I will post them again, and you can flag them again, and I’ll post them again, and we’ll just keep doing since there don’t appear to be any official CCP moderators empowered to do anything on the forum.

So, it’s not true that my posts were flagged because I posted the same thing three times, but it is true that I posted the same thing three times because my posts were flagged.

Or you guys could be mature adults and agree to only flag posts when its actual spam, or actually offensive content.

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Offensive content is not the same thing for everyone. What may be offensive to you may be funny as ■■■■ to me.

It’s extremely rare for me to flag any post on these forums, and I’ve only ever done so when I’ve genuinely thought a post has been spam or OOC trolling, of an IC thread in the IGS.

I do accept though, that sometimes, something I may have interpeted as OOC trolling may not have been, but as I say. It’s a rare thing for me to flag a post.

I actually agree with you that the current system is open to abuse, and yes there are likely to be people out there who do take advantage of that. I actually like some of the suggested ideas in this thread, too.

That said, I’m not sure intentionally repeating posts again and again that have been flagged is the reaction of a mature adult either, though.

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Yes, kudos to you, you’ve finally figured out why humans have been killing each other for the past million years.

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Yes, let’s focus on that, rather than quibbling about any particular instance. Let’s have constructive dialogue, rather than personal attacks.

@ISD_Dorrim_Barstorlode please note that even people who disagree with one another, are nevertheless reaching a mutual consensus that there is indeed a problem with the current moderation system.

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What a crusade… I got your back!

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Together we can save the forums! We will be acclaimed as heroes for a thousand years!


All glory for you Princess! I am not good writer.

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For the record I also feel that auto-hides are problematic.

Moreover, the message you get when your post is auto-hidden (happened to me for the for the first time ever just, so pot-kettle-black much?), lacks information on what to do if you disagree.

It seems to be that the case is that autohidden things do get looked by a moderator and they are hidden only until a mod gets to it? If this is the case, it’s still annoying but at least there is some control. I feel the auto-hide automated message would benefit from clearly explaining this tho.

(I don’t think purposefully spamming stuff to go around it is very mature, either. Nor do I think it works in the long run; will likely just get mods annoyed at you for creating more work.)

As far as I can gather, the idea is that the way to report to ISD is supposed to be the flagging system. They take a look at flagged posts and in the meanwhile stuff gets automatically hidden.

I’d suggest that ideally each player could could control that setting them selves - do they want flagged posts hidden before mod action, and if so, at which flagging level.

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I don’t think children abuse promotion is allowed on the forum.