Is it possible to invent a 20MN MWD?

Microwarp drives go from 5MN to 50MN, with no options for something in between these. I realize this might be by design, but I was wondering if it was possible to use invention to create a 20MN or 25MN microwarp drive? And by extension, to create any new ship or module? Or is that deliberately not possible?

No. A 20 doesnt exist in game

No, you cannot use invention to create new kinds of items.

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Small ships like Frigates and Destroyers generally use a 5MN MWD or 1MN AB.
Medium ships like Cruisers and Battlecruisers generally use a 50MN MWD or 10MN AB.
Large ships like Battleships use a 500MN MWD or 100 MN AB.

And then you have capital ships which use 50000MN MWDs or 10000MN ABs.

Some ship fits use an ‘oversized’ propmod in some situations, where a small ship uses a 10MN or a medium ship uses a 500MN, and sometimes bigger ships want to use a smaller size propmod.

But as there is no ship size in between destroyers and cruisers there also isn’t really a reason to have a MWD for sizes in between the two.


Invention is an industrial process to create a tech II blueprint copy from a tech I blueprint copy. It cannot generate items that are not already in the game.

Something that might interest you are mutaplasmids though. They’re Triglavian tech that modifies the stats of an existing module. It might make it better, worse, or all of the above, and you don’t have control over what it will do though.

Thanks for that info. I’ll have to look into it.

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