Is it possible to play casually at all?

Undock ship, put on some pants.
Warp to encounter, brush teeth.
Destroy NPC’s, make some coffee.
Warp to starbase, drive to work.
Claim mission reward, answer an email at work.

Multi-tasking is an option. Just saying.

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while the ambulance is bringing you to hospital after your car accident, you can update your jita orders !!

that’s emergent gameplay :slight_smile:


Unfortunately they made exploration into even more predictable, farmable, and therefore boring content. That would have been you “30 minutes” of not knowing what was going to happen. That’s the way exploration used to be. I once scanned a site moving a ship that I expected to take 10 minutes, and 20 minutes later I was hundreds of millions of ISK richer - though I still have that module to this day.

The best years of Eve was when players had the OPTION for casual and/or solo play. Not this routine of either being forced into group play that takes at least an hour waiting for someone to finish walking their dog or solo play that is nothing more than mindless farming that most players don’t care for (while those who mindlessly farm are not really playing, just obsessing). CCP has leaned towards the Farmville content for years now and it shows.

For you I would say, wait and see. You might in the meantime try the abyssal space content. It actually has a timer of 20 minutes or so. You either make it out in one piece or end up in the clone vat for your torubles. You can spend a few 30 minute sessions setting up for it, read up on how to do it - I certainly haven’t derp derp - and then go hit it up. You can do this from any system. I almost wonder if it was created entirely for casuals and if more people did it, CCP might even expand on it more.

Just don’t use rapid missile launchers. I’m still buttmad over this.


I have a couple of ideas, but not really pvp related =(

First, I do a lot of industry. I love it, and I love hauling my merch over a few systems and setting up the sell orders. So, it’s not pvp, but I can get a lot done in 30 minutes. Deliver jobs, start jobs, organize containers, haul and possibly buy materials; and of course PI. Today, I really have nothing to do so I’m not really playing. All of my science and industry jobs finish tomorrow or later, so I’m vegetating. I do this with 2 accounts and I make decent money. But it’s not really pvp.

Next, have you ever tried a wormhole corp? I lived in a wormhole years ago and I imagine things are different… but you can run sites with your corp or by yourself depending on what class you live in. And there is a possibility of pvp? I can’t guarantee a corp will take you, but it could be an option.

Last, I know a guy who does trading in jita and a couple other regions. He says that messing with other peoples buy/sell orders feels like pvp for him. He makes money and he honestly enjoys it. I don’t think that’s something I want to do, but it’s an option? You could certainly market pvp in 30 minutes I think.

So, those are my kinda-not-pvp ideas. But you could get stuff done in 30 minutes. I wouldn’t try to look for a frigate fight in low sec though. That takes a few hours according to twitch streams and youtube videos =(

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Eve has always been the game I play whilst I’m doing something else. So yeah, playing casually is definitely possible, but you run the risk of getting bored just running missions, etc.

Don’t go to Null if you are looking for causal game play.

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It is, I log in now again for scheduled ops. But for the most part, I log in when I want to, shoot at stuff and log back out again.

Then again I am fortunate enough to come from old isk. I don’t plex accounts, I buy 1 year subs outright. My alts are trained to do exactly what they need to do to support my main. The additional skills they train is extracted on monthly basis to support my expensive ship fitting habits. So the only cost I have for my personal “skill farms” is the cost of the extractor.

I think if you do the time so to speak to setup a base to work from and don’t get involved in the rat race of plexing accounts you definitely play casually.

At the same time you support CCP with subs like me. The fun you get out of eve for 1 year sub is really worth it. It took me leaving EVE to realise that.


If you can . . . how many kids?


If you count my girlfriend. But don’t tell her that.

I have been known to be in the middle of an OP and going AFK because at the end of the day my friend, real life does come first.

Our entire house is setup for gaming. We are all gamers.


. . . the video game generation . . .

I have a similar question about casual gameplay. So, lets say you have 2-3 bil. of isk, 100k of SP, a capsule, jump clones on major hubs and 1 hour to play EVE (not a minute more).

What would you do to have fun?

Buy 300 Disruption Arbitrators and Timmy them in each compass point in turn

I’ve had that same issue and I’ve found that only solo game play is really viable in that situation, and solo game play has been becoming less viable in this game for years.

You can, many times I just log in to stick something into the oven, BPC to T-2 BPC, PI, ship/mod builds, buy stuff, this way when I do have time I can log in ring the bell and collect my goods and fly off for adventure time.

It depends on your goals. PvP, being space rich, being CEO of a big corp, and other big thing probably not.

Solo PvE, trading or industry probably yes.

I ran a Hi Sec research POS for a couple years. Gets old after a while.


Go play with your kids.

So, you’ll feel accomplishing something for real ?


I’m afraid not really. CCP have been making that harder and harder. Their logic for the game is really hard to understand.

They have “found” that players who play with groups are more likely to stick around so they focus mainly on that type of development.

Unfortunately, that type of group-play can be very time consuming, so those of us who become more busy in our lives get pretty much shut out of the game.

You can only get kicked from Corps so much due to inactivity before you just give up.
Yes, even Corps who say they won’t kick you for inactivity. Happened many times.

You played for ten years and have to ask. Jesus wept.