Is it Time for BETA Clone Subscription accounts?

Sooo BETA SUBS would cost 250 nuPLEX per month or like 10bux.

Could fly all subcaps of TWO RACES ONLY.

Some other stuff or not. Ya know.

But with
"Eve is dying"
"Plex is too high to sub"
"Alpha Clones suck"

Seems like we need a new Middle tier clone account?

Soo why do YOU think that BETA CLONE SUBS will save EvE??

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The best sub deals aren’t much more than 10bux, which is why this idea won’t save anything.


We didn’t even need the Alpha accounts. We certainly don’t need Beta or Gamma or Sigma or whatever.

fake edit: I would support a Theta account, though. It can only fly ratting Carriers and Rorquals.

That idea come up on the last forums too and if I remember right someone from CCP mentioned that there are no plans for that at the moment. CCP is aware that they could do such a thing, but decided not to do “middle ground” subs for now.

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so…$0.95 less per month than a full subscription?

Just gonna leave this here:

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Great way to make 250 mini plex cost the same as 500 nowdays.

This would indeed hugely spike PLEX value as the new tier would increase demand for a lot of alpha players who see 500 plex per month as unobtainable.

That said, I think it’s a good idea and a natural idea. I know many players who can’t afford Omega, either in cash or grinding, but don’t want to play as limited as Alpha is. Creating one or more middle options would likely increase online population and revenue for CCP. Win/win

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I’ll take credit for having the original thread on this subject in the old forum :grinning:

I definately think it is a good idea. Especially for the very popular playstyle of this game, that is…like it or not…non-hardcore carebearing in hisec.

This is my second game and I want to only play it sometimes…not every day. As it is a sandbox game you can’t really tell me how to play it.

I don’t understand why the “L33T” 0.0sec trolls are crying about something that won’t really effect them…

The 0.95 price that you are refering to is if you buy 1 year of normal sub. If you really want to compare prices you shouldn’t compare the non-discounted price with the discounted…

Yes i am with OP gamma clones nao!

We didn’t need mini plex at start anyway, it was introduced for some nex store nonsens items anyway.

I’ve been running an Alpha account for several weeks now and am enjoying the learning experience and have been given enough of a taste of Eve to know I’ll soon be purchasing a full subscription. I therefore definitely support the Alpha account system


What about skill training and extracting/injecting skills? You know you can’t extract alpha skills because otherwise you will have infinite free skills to farm. So if there is beta clone that is cheaper than omega, the rate of skill training or extracting should be reduced as well.

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A sub for 250 plex will only lead to people asking for a sub with even less plex, because it will push the price of plex up.

This is a Cam thread and you all fell for it.

I dunno, I kind of like the idea regardless. There are lots of accounts I would be willing to sub at 250, but not really at 500. Hell, just make it 300, gives you all T2 ships but no T3 ships or capitals, or something like that. Or gives you all of your race’s ships, no other racial ships.

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I see how that clearly increases the amount of players playing the game, when someone runs more accounts. very interesting perspective you have there.

I’m about to activate a 6th account for hs stuff when lifeblood comes, i would not mind this. As that alt would just be used to run HS ops for new corp members

Don’t put logical thought into CCP’s forum threads!!

I’m not even sure this is true. How many people would go down from omega to beta? Could be even more than alphas going up.

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