The Sandbox-Account

Eve Online, as we all know, is a huge sandbox game where people melt asteroids for minerals and gather loot from NPCs to make both ships and modules from it, which in turn get destroyed, so they need to make new ones. A closed loop. Thousands of space-loving gamers enjoy this, some even focussing on the destruction part, so the wheel of economy never stops turning.

Right now you got to choose between an Alpha account, free but limited to smaller, less sophisticated ships, and an Omega account at a reasonable 10 to 15 earthbucks per month (depending on subscription mode), both complemented by numerous special offers.

As i’m quite sure many promising pilots would welcome this for various reasons, i’m proposing another special subscription offer: The Delta account. At a rate of 2 - 4 earthpounds per month you’d get access to all industrials, mining vessels, exploration boats and gear (incl cloak T1/T2) as well as T2 frigates, while not to any T2 cruisers or larger T2 ships, or T3 and alien technology. Skill progression would still compare to Alpha, of course.

The Delta account is meant for our numerous dedicated Alpha sandbox players, enjoying mining, constructing, exploring above other activities. The lower monthly subscription would mean an additional source of income for CCP as well as a step up from Alpha and a motivation for taking the next step to Omega.

Just a curious question: would you be for or against a Gamma account, which would be similar but for combat rather than industry?

Just to be sure: How would this Gamma-combat-account differ from Omega (use it all, no restrictions)? Would you want an account without any mining/exploring/constructing/transporting etc, pewpew only?

Can’t see CCP going for this. Alpha is just an extended free trial and are not meant to be producers. “Delta” is just being cheap, if you want access to the Omega toys u gotta pay.

However, as someone that has a very variable workload and other RL commitments I would like to be able to sub or plex for just a week or 2 weeks, that would be very useful to me.

Too many sub models would just feel weird and confusing. Also why should the cheapest model be one focused around industry? Do you know how many new alts would be made for the sake of mining in that case? Eve already has botting issues, this would incentivise them to have more minerbots.

If anything, the cheaper model should be combat orientated, allowing empire-specific T2 training, modules, and ships. At the same time though, for fleet logistics it’s better to have a more balanced array of ship skills rather than empire focus.

It’s all just subpar. Eve doesn’t need multiple stages of subpar, it needs one stage of excellence.

I dont want either, but I am curious why you chose industry and not combat for this special service.

Edit: I dont think exploration omegalocked stuff should be included in either, as Alphas can explore very profitably already.

The Alpha account is an endless free trial. The Omega account is buying the game. There is no middle ground. Combat is not DLC that you can choose to not buy.

I’d be cool with shorter subscription periods for Omega being available if it weren’t for the high opportunity for abuse when it comes to industry (for example, pay for 7 days of Omega, start 11 each research and manufacturing jobs that take 30+ days, repeat when they end). Yes, players already do this with the 30 day subscription and months-long research/manufacturing projects, but it would significantly increase the range of jobs where this would be ‘practical’ for a player to manipulate their clone state in such a fashion.

Juat a generally stupid idea IMHO.

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There should be a Gamma account that allows you to train all relevant Catalyst and Tornado skills to max while giving access to multiboxing. Since it really just gives access to 2 ships it’s only a very small portion of the game so it should also be super cheap like pretty much nothing.

That’s just a good an idea as the OP’s but I bet he won’t like it.

Making discounted industry characters would be a mistake. We have no shortage of materials or production.

We infact have a shortage of destruction.

I’d be interested in something that extends an alphas combat capacity in small and medium ships. But it’s a hard no when it comes to mining, production and trade.


Interesting discussion. Please go on. Just a note on fears of too much mining, botting, whatever: Take a look at the Monthly Economic Report and see that nullsec ratting is making way more (3 to 4 times) ISK than mining. The OP is more about playstyle, less about ingame economy. And details would need to be discussed anyway.


CCP even knows this is a problem, yet little has actually been done to fix it since.

We don’t need more farmers and builders. We need more PvP’ers and people who remove stuff from the economy.

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You’re missing the point entirely.

Nullbears make their ISK sitting in a carrier and blasting ■■■■ for bounties. Generally these are combat sites. I don’t even think they loot the remains, or they have a null ally loot them instead.

Creating more omega-efficient miners for cheaper is basically creating a future oversaturated market. The market would be literally flooded with minerals and there’s not enough loss to make up the supply thus causing high levels of inflation.

There’s another fallacy with your concept that essentially boils down to the skill requirement. You can make a miner in literally a month that any mining corp would want. (Especially if omega). It takes about a year to be a null ratter because you have to have a marauder or carrier. Like legit a year minimum to get all the equipment, the ship, and more. To compare the requirements for both is not only apples and oranges, it is apples and cabbage.

The question at hand is a basis of how cheap sub account miners would absolutely wreck the ingame economy to supply and demand. NOT on the basis of ISK/hr.

The economy is super important and the exact reason why semi-afk low effort play styles don’t (so industry pretty much) don’t work well on Alpha. It should stay that way.

Also do not for one second try to convince us you got this idea “for the betterment of the game”. It’s just that it is a perfect personal fit for your own play style and situation, you just want to pay less.

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but that would also imply that their krabbing ability will increase.

In game economy trumps playstyles.

It’s deliberate that alphas can’t mine on a cheap/free account because it’s easy to multi-box a fleet for the price of a single account. And it’s the same for industry. CCP don’t want you to have 5 characters worth of industry slots and PI set-ups for the price of one, cause it’d break an already struggling economy.

The purpose of alphas is less as a free trial, but to get out there to create and be content.

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Training frigate or cruiser to 5 instead of 4 wouldn’t be a huge increase in ratting ability. Or having e-war specialisation skills. Or better navigation skills. Or logi drones.

that i agree with. i just thought you proposed to give access to t2 frigates and cruisers…


“I want to AFK mine in a bigger ship.”


I want a puppy, a lovable ball of fur that won’t scratch me at 4 am because they’re hungry; unlike my cat.