The Sandbox-Account

How about a Beta account for all the alphas who won’t pay for omega and all they can fly is a drake, and can only interact with pvp’ers.

I’d like a Zenith account that gives access to everything without having to train up skills… :wink:

Anyway, threads like this should be posted in the proper sub-forum

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, nope, negative, NO.

This idea is so astonishingly, incredibly terrible I hereby propose banning OP from the entire internet for the rest of his natural life.

No terrible idea, if you want full access pay for a sub, if you cannot afford a sub then you should be spending your time getting a job or a better career.

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I understand why you ask for such a Delta account, but what I hear is:

“Please let players who have a lot of alts for cloaky camping and alts for multibox mining pay less to CCP.”
I don’t think it’s a good idea for those activities to become cheaper and in turn, generate less income to pay for future EVE development and maintenance.

On top of that, a lot more people would be able to afford multibox mining, oversaturating the mineral market; something that CCP is actively trying to mitigate in the past year by reducing the amount of minerals mined.

In short:

No, bad idea.

I know something that will extend that - paying a sub !

alright but alphas get no t2 abilities. your delta is limied to t1 mining/industry equipment, the guy wanting combat on the gamma gets no t2 guns and reps. pew pew pew

This is a horrible idea. Something similar to this was previously proposed and knocked on its ass:

So while the specifics are not identical to yours, the nature is the same as are the reservations and considerations. This is a hard no.


There is a ~0% chance that any additional income from your imagined alpha->delta upgrades would offset the income loss from omega->delta downgrades of industrial alt fleets.


McDonald’s should let us buy a single nugget at a time, until we’re ready to commit to the whole 10 pc.


i really like that … i would eat like… 20 :smiley:

Oh boi i understand you, mine was doing the same until i fed it to my fedo.

You’re not ready for that. So please consider the “Apathetic Meal”.

i really like subway with … hamburger meat , pepperoni… cheddar cheese , black olives , pickles , spiced sauce , honey + mustard sauce , i always get that wen i go for fast food , i find it way better than McDonald’s

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It’s more like the OP only likes eating 7.5 nuggets, so he comes up with this amazing idea for McD to sell exactly 7.5 nuggets for 49 cents (gotta be cheap yo) and then state it to be “better for the game”.

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So…Gamma = Everything I want to do in the game,
with everything I DON’T want to do out of reach.

I raised four kids. I know this game.

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No, go away.

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So, thank you for lots of entertaining answers. Also thank you for showing there’s lots of different opinions, but no real arguments (“You’re wrong!” isn’t an argument, just an opinion) against this idea of introducing a cheaper industrial-oriented account type. Some have expressed worries that this would lead to more mining and minerals flooding the economy (which could be balanced easily by CCP). Some others demanded more combat instead, which is especially funny, as 80% of Eve is combat dedicated (low and null) and all you need to do is go there and get podded. No real argument here either. Looking at my recent threads i’m getting the picture that CCP would make Eve’s playerbase most happy by never ever changing the tinyest bit. Ok, so be it. Fly safe.

CCP has already balanced the capabilities of Alpha accounts to provide content without negatively impacting either their income stream or the player-driven economy. Adding needless complexity in the form of additional subscription tiers with specialized access rights creates more opportunities for that balancing to break, along with a bunch of additional code that has to be created and maintained to support each additional subscription tier. There are already issues with Alpha/Omega clone transitions; I don’t want to see what would happen if CCP tried to add more tiers and, inevitably, broke something.

The Alpha state is already 100% free to play with access to a little bit of every part of the game. Cherry-picking the additional content to unlock is simply a way for the player to save money, at CCP’s expense (cost to set up the system, plus inevitable loss of income from players choosing lower subscription tier for their industry accounts instead of paying full Omega cost that is currently required). This is a losing proposition for CCP all around, with no actual benefits to the game itself.

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I can see your argument perfectly, as you’re saying that the OP would possibly lower CCP’s revenue. We can’t know by now, but maybe more people would downgrade from Omega rather than upgrade from Alpha. But as this proposal is about finding ways of getting people more involved in Eve, could you think of other ways? Would a 3-months-mining-account incl ship and skin at 15 meatspacecredits be more interesting to someone in Alpha state? Or an Astero incl skills and cloak for a limited time at a limited rate? In fact CCP needs to do new things, introduce new stuff, create new opportunities all the time to keep the game alive.