Is it worth it to come back?

I’d legit be logged in way more if the £$&%ing proving gate was actually bloody open. CCP hate us abyssal PVPers and want us all to quit. it was already down at 13:00 today! not even 2 hours after DT. slow claps well done CCP.

As for coming back…eh? shrugs shoulders. If you like only blobbing for PVP.

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I think you like the look and feel of the game, but don’t know what to do. At some point, it seems by your short post, that you got the idea that farming in highsec is the only way to play.

And that is so wrong I cannot describe it.

If farming is all you wanted, then I guess you are done. The game has become too chaotic for predictable farming. But there is still harvest to be had if you are more flexible.

Beyond that I won’t list everything you can try because that would take all day. Why don’t you check out Abyssal Space, Faction Warfare, and some of the communities like Bombers Bar and the Exploration channel?

There are so many options I cannot even count them. I played for 12 years and only saw around 20 percent of the game content.

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Everything’s on fire and everyone’s whining. Now is the PERFECT time to come back.

Im doing one mission everyday most of the time (sometimes zero eve). On sat/sun im sometimes have more time then can i do 1-3 mission.

Can do 25m i bounty a week and 50m in loot.

Abyssa cant i leave. Have sometimes to dock in middle of the mission.

Lucky for u that u have found something That working good. For me have they taking away thing that i played and could play on the time i had over. The new eve u Have to be more alert on things that happens. I just want to relax When i come home after work.
Its ok If u like the new eve But for me its not working. Have started some other games, civilisation,and later on it going to be Elite dangerous.


In Short: Not really, no.

This is the era of combat.
Show your ability.

Yes, 1x skill point is worth around 1625.19 isk so Omega up baby… Omega UP!

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