Is it worth putting a asbel in a c3 wh

will the asbell become a target? is it better to use a ritru so no jucy core is up for grabs ? what will you you use to claim a c3 ?

Every structure you put up in wh space is at risk at any time, so its better to go cheap as possible.

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An azbel shouts out that youre building caps and youre a juicy target. If you dont plan to build caps go smaller

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If your Corp has less than 30 chars and basically no active killboard, anyone will know instantly it’s just a dude with some indu/krabbing alts. If you are also not part of an alliance that is known to fight back, Guess what will happen?

Stay cheap and be ready to evac on a daily basis. Then hope you can bring back in the costs for an Astra or so before it gets blown up.


From the research I did before going into my first wh I figured that the avg structures that I looked at lasted between 6 months and a year if you don’t mind loosing it in that time then go ahead.

Although I think an asbel might be a month lol…

I tried living out of a pos but its a pain in the ass, I would suggest one of the cheaper citadels.

The Arse Bell structure will have TWO timers, as opposed to the one that the Rytaru or Astro House.

It’s also a lot cheaper than a Fort, and two timers means an attacker will have to be committed to a full week worth’s of timers to take it down. More time means more folks potentially able to come help defend. You want to defend hard on the 2nd timer…lots of folks will be much more willing to join the attacker side on the 3rd timer because loot & killmail.

If you are doing WH production, you are better off with a raitaru with rigs to specialize on your production projects.

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if you cant defend it anyway then it does not bring any benefit !

no this only means that the attacker are better prepared to attack a large structure then he would if he attacks a medium structure ! if they got hole controle then you dont get any defender in “your” hole

There is a difference between putting in 0 effort with refusing to defend a structure and putting in a valiant effort against a much larger force.

If you are in a situation where the attackers go for 24/7 hole control, then you must have really pissed off the wrong folks.

And they won’t be doing that for a full week for an Ass Bell killmail, unless you really, fully, and completely piss off everybody you come across to where multiple groups will take turns keeping hole control on you to prove a point.

Just because something is “technically possible” doesn’t mean that has a high likelihood of happening.

they dont need to have 24/7 hole controle xD only focus on YOUR prime time and youre never able to bring friends because mostly your friends are the same timezone and then you find none :wink:

all the timers are not a full week … pls inform you before you come with such an unprofessionel statement

set up an azbel means it will die if youre a small corp xD there is nothing you can do against this !

and the result are the same = station is gone

The classic god complex – Your own inability to find players in a MMO that is outside of your time zone means that it is literally impossible for anybody else to do so as well.
Also corps like the Holy Roman Empire which will actively set out to help defend your structures don’t exist, and any notion of hiring mercenaries to fight on your side is clearly too much effort and isk to even consider, right?

If you set your TZ and active periods to perfectly fall in line with the WH minimum times, then you deserve the pain you set yourself up with ~4 days from initial reinforce to structure explosion.

Meanwhile spamming ASCII penis images in local, insulting their mothers, and calling them jerks constantly while they are reffing your structure makes absolutely certain that they will go through with it.

There are other options – give them a fight and ask that they kindly not reinforce your structure, pay them to not reinforce your structure… join your corp into a WH alliance and mutually support each other against eviction activities, or even do some recruiting so that you aren’t a group of 6 people in a C3 and can adequately field a fleet large enough to properly defend the damn thing in the first place.


To be honest, since the glorious introduction of Upwell Cores, every citadel in J-Space is a Loot Pinata. → Target
Contrary to the dogma that everything has a 50/50 chance of being destroyed when shot, the core is always a drop.
And with an Azbell, that’s a few billion ISK → big target
That’s why I can only advise small corps not to set up a Zita.
Especially for solo players the good old POS is a great suitable .
With the right setup, you can build everything (except for reactions), quickly set up , shoot back on your own, and you can even retreat under the force field with an active PvP timer.
And when you move on, the entire setup can be stowed away within an hour without leaving any residue.
One disadvantage, however, is that the POS does not offer any production bonuses, you can not place a clone bay, and you are limited in storing space (but therefor are some options).

The biggest advantage, however, is that
normally no WH hunter will watch your station closely because no/hardly any loot is to be expected.

Hope that was helpful.
CU in the dark & fly dangerous ^^

If it is just you, go with a POS. A Ship Maintenance Array will store your fitted ships, you can also put up a Corporate Hangar Array to store your supplies (or use the Assembly Array), then fill your POS with defenses that will automatically shoot at hostiles according to your configuration of choice. Of course, make sure you have an alt character there that can scan probe the static WH in case you are killed and need to get back.

nice … a group of 6 ppl dont give anyone a fight xD this called a

works fine … the attacker had at this point X amount of costs with moving, logistic, shooting, and so on… and you wanna ask them if they simple will stop fire and just move ahead ? oO youre a crazy dude…

… and they will come back in 6 month and do the same :wink:

join an alliance has always some dutyĂźs , and which alliance will take this 6 man corp only that they will come to defend their structures everytime ? oO

mutual support demands a specific amount of ppl to defend … a 6 dude corp cant defend ! and also will bring to an “external defense” maybe 2 or 3 ppl !

maybe they are ? maybe its only an altcorp ? how do you know whitout telling ?

or just simple dont setup an large structure so you dont get evicted instantly xD

EXACTLY ! thats the reason why you should always think about a large structure and if youre able to defend ! all theese medium structured are absolutley uniteresting

a medium structure isnt a big problem and has way mor QoL then a POS, but yeah… if you only drop a POS then you never get evicted xD but maybe somebody bring in their own new house and now your just crazy dude in his garage :wink:

And is a pos is a giant pain in the ass when sharing with other people.

Out of curiosity do citadels shoot other players on their own if you are sleeping or does it just sit there?

no, you need to man them but they are worthless to use … only use them for supporting your ships fighting

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Nope, a Citadel without a pilot is like an empty ship … just garbage in space.

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Well, the same “contend” I could have with an Citadel.
If the crazy dude decide to settle in my WH, it makes no different if I live in a Astrahus, or a POS.

The main point is very simple:

U anchor an Astrahus there and I can check your timezone, reinforce it in the middle of the night with a bunch of Talos or Bomber Alts that have absolutely no KB record or corp history. Your Citadel doesn’t even fight back (a ridiculously bad design) and reinforcing it doesn’t cost neither much time nor effort.

That means the armor timer in 2d is an “all or nothing” fight for you. You don’t have the slightest clue who, what or how many will come. Now you can decide: risk a fight and lose everything or do a full-scale evacuation.

A large POS or an L-Citadel entirely solves that problem, since in both cases any serious attacker will have to reval himself, making your decision to ping or evac a lot more simple.

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After hearing that I’m glad they didn’t replaces pos’s with a smaller citadel it would have been even more defenseless.

I mean if they replaced a pos with a cloaking mini citadel it would be cool but I doubt they would ever do something like that, instead they make them show in space from 10’s of au away -_- rather annoying why can’t they only show on d-scan or something.