Is Kikimora really worth its cost?

As in the title, Is the Triglavian Collective Destroyer Kikimora really worth the cost?
I can buy it for rough 150 millions ISK in Jita right now, plus another 40 millions ISK for fitting, so it’s almost 200 million ISK but I already have a Jackdaw Caldari tactical destroyer bought and fitted for just 50 millions ISK and looking at the fitting tool it seems to me that with the same skill level (lvl 4 for both) Jackdaw have more dps and more ehp (in defense mode) so what’s the convenience for the Kikimora to justify the enormous cost difference?

AFAIK it’s a brand new ship type, so prices will most probably change. If it’s really good, they may rise though :wink:

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The huge cost difference is because its still new, there arent that many BPCs for it yet and skillbooks eitehr so they’re super expensive. But it is a good ship, unlike the Demavik. The battlecruiser as well due to its increased tank, DPS and range its a very good platform, better then any of the other T1 or Navy battlecruisers by far, I would love to have a command ship version of it.

You know you can not take Jackdaw into small plex, don’t you? Another point of overpriced ship is bait apeal. It is easier to get some action, if you look like a juicy target.

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Are you saying that your T3 Destroyer has more damage than a destroyer?

Who would have thought…

Just wait til he looks at t2 weapon price:))

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