Is New Eden Prepared for a Veritable Triple-Threat?

Let me begin by saying this, i fully support the decision by the SCC Division of Concord to reserve fuel for the fluid router networks. The entirety of New Eden must be prepared now that we face an Invasion on three fronts, for the time being the Null Empires are well equipped to weather the storm as we saw when they beat back the Drifter masses, and their continued operations in the outer territories despite the router network bandwidth reductions.

However if fuel stocks are running this low or in danger of being placed under potentially catastrophic pressure again now that we have to contend with the forces of the Drifters invading from unknown space, Triglavians seemingly under Zoraya’s Command pouring fourth from the Abyssal Deadspace, and the threat of the Sansha’s Nation in outlying territories; has the SCC considered releasing limited run schematics of the Quantum Entangled Helium-4 Superfluid for capsuleer production and donation to the stockpiles?

Not with the expressed intent of ending this “Blackout”, but instead insuring the security of DED Intel Channels regarding these Invasions as well as tactical communications between the four empires and independent Capsuleer networks that much of the cluster has grown to rely on in some form or another.

it has already been stated that the procedure is not so much limited in nature but just rather costly.

“The only limitations of this communication system is in the capacity of the channel. Indeed, the manufacturing of the entangled 4-He superfluid is an expensive process. Furthermore, a large number of atoms are used for each byte, as a statistically relevant chaotic sequence needs to be created.”

Perhaps if the SCC would release these limited run schematics the whole of New Eden would be in a position where we would have less to worry about with regards to complete communication loss. If the fuel were to run too low i fear not only the Null Sec Routers would be affected, and independent intelligence channels and networks could also collapse due to the undue amounts of strain ( But that is speculation still ) or even worse yet, complete communications failure would in essence isolate every system from another making tactical response against this veritable Triple-Threat all but impossible.

For your consideration
Christopher Mabata


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