Is real life political propaganda in in-game channels against the rules?

I know how to define “political propaganda” is a subjective question but I just think someone is doing it right now.
So I looked up the Terms of service and found this one:

  1. You may not advertise, employ, market, or promote any form of solicitation – including pyramid schemes and chain letters – in the EVE Online game world or on the website.

Does it include political propaganda too?

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Your best bet would be to file a support ticket and ask the Game Masters, as they’re the ones who are responsible for enforcing the rules within Eve Online and as such the best people to ask for clarification for Eve rules and policies. You can do so by filing a support ticket here:

You certainly have enough freedom of speech to complain about another player’s freedom of speech.

You may even have enough cleverness at using administrative language and systems such that you can silence another player, and destroy their freedom of speech using your cleverness with administrative language and systems.

You may even find like minded folk who also enjoy being clever with administrative language and systems. Then you can all sit together in a fit of brilliance and institutional power.


Well, turns out that’s another level of meta-play.

Will the language barrier be an obstacle for GM to understand the whole situation?

I would provide the chat logs and say you were offended. It’ll then be up to the GM to decide if it’s actually offensive or not.

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Eve is a private venue, freedom of speech isn’t taken away just because someone throws you out of their house…

Another policy, which I am not sure if it applies to the place the above mentioned propaganda had taken place–中文 channel, one of the Player Created Language Channels

Off Topic (OT) discussions and casual conversation should be kept to a minimum. In order for questions and information to be relayed more efficiently and in a timely manner, channel patrons are asked to refrain from using these channels to socialize, particularly during peak hours. We also request that certain topics (religion and politics, especially) be avoided. Inevitably, conversations of this nature have a tendency to result in heated arguments and flaming. Please use common sense when discussing OT themes and be considerate of others.

The player created language channels are created and managed by players not CCP so users in there do not have to follow the same rules as the other help/recruitment channels.

However, players still need to adhere to other rules such as the rules laid out in the ToS and EULA. As I suggested earlier, if you’re unsure you can ask the GMs or if you think someone has crossed the line you can report it.

…or you could just block the player you don’t like, move on and don’t worry about it…


One could do so, but if the player manages to get flames flying with his statements a whole lot of otherwise not unpleasant players answering him will still be filling up your chat with stuff you didn’t wish to see discussed. Leaving the channel could be an idea if that’s the case, ofc.

Seeing that it is not worth the effort timewise I’d just choose the easy way. It could take hours to days reporting to a GM, while it only takes several minutes to create another alt, and it only takes a few seconds to block a guy.
However, I do want to know how average EVE players feel about off-topic propaganda. Do you see political/religional propaganda in your channels(not small channels with very few people, but channels meant for general discussion) often? Do you think it is “too much” if someone talk about their political agenda on a daily basis?

As a rule of thump: Just keep real life politics generally out of any MMORPG. It never does end well…


It is not against the rules, but is a easy way to piss people off big time and get yourself added to KOS lists and even War dec’d, or worse.

I think this is eventually going to come ful circle so pay attention OP,

The global chat channels are absolutely full of bitter teenagers and dedicated memesters. There are trolls everywhere and they’ll say anything to make you upset, I wonder if there was any real propaganda or just somebody being inflammatory, but if I were you I’d stick to chatting with my Corp / Alliance and not the general public.


I don’t think you are allowed to say Rosov Aulmais has cooties either.

Are you saying you want to build a wall and deport their propaganda to the other side?

It is taken away, inside that venue. So long as that venue is sovereign, that is legitimate.

It is true, I concede, that a completely fascist authoritarian culture can exist and thrive within a free society, so long as the law permits it. A thief will prosper in an honest society if left alone.

So, in a place where no slaves may be brought out in public, there is no public slavery. Only private, hidden slavery. For some, this is the same as having no slavery at all.

Personally, I don’t buy into the idea that the law stops at the rich man’s gate. That’s a globalist ideology which has never proven very stable in the past.

Just insult people in game its much better and condoned.

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some channels have rules, rookie help chat, for example. Some channels got so external politics toxic that theyy had to be shut down. russia/ukraine leaps to mind. basically I think that if somebody drags the real world into my game they are looking for troll OR they are just making casual conversation. I respond, see where it goes and decide bloc/change topic/leave

In other words, I act like an adult. Treat others as adults until they prove otherwise.


but I still sign my posts