Political Spam

The main station in Rens has been completely spammed with containers named with political slogans of which I shall not be naming here. Maybe someone could log in and do a clean up? Thanks in advance.

Can’t you shoot them?

Concorde may have something to say about that i dont have that many ships available especially in rens, and i’m not spending a crap ton of isk to do what a gm could do in five mins.

I doubt a GM would intervene. No rules have been broken.

Far enough last time I kneeled was to tie my shoelaces, only time i ever will. Just so everyone knows what side of the fence i sit on, especially if we are politicising Eve online.


Just play the Martin Looter King, like the rest of wise capsullers, shooting structures and getting lootz. Leave the silly container spam to those who dont know whats really important, ISK doesnt make itself.

A wild guess: it is in Chinese.

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Ah, you mean the political slogan “I can’t breath”, I see. You can remove the containers from the overview, that should help. Or not go there, or ignore it.

It is just peaceful protest, it can have a place.


Nothing gets a thread locked, or gets you put in time-out, faster than speaking out against the government of a certain country with which CCP has business ties.

But anything else is pretty much irrelevant and ignored.

Whoops, since when? I left the game for a long time, but I do not remember Devs or GMs being this petty/political?

Make New Eden Great Again. without politics, only looting.

They were very meticulous and neat. Random corp ad containers bother me, but this is more in the “impressive” category.


Shooting Depot’s/MTU’s is only a suspect level offence, CONCORD wont interfere.

There’s a joke somewhere in there about the CCP and CCP, but I can’t find it.


Set to orbit and drop every so often.

Thats how you used to made Drone Ball Traps around gates back in the day.

Like few months ago?

Really? I was under the impression CCP outlawed it.

Cool, thats good to know if so

I dont know if its autlawed. Just seen one and lost stratios because couldnt get back to the gate when webbed.

But I got that loot I was looking for few hours later jumping other gate. :partying_face:

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Nice one

Unrelated to politics.

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