Is Teonusude safe for mission running?


I’ve not kept up with all the trig invasion stuff, so I have some questions.
First, I have zero standing with edencom and trigs (I think? I don’t see them in my Standings list). Teonusude is a minor edencom victory system I think.
If I run missions there, can other players attack me without concord coming?
Just mainly want to know what’s different about that system than any other high sec system.


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I haven’t experimented much with minor victory systems either. It’s my understanding that the usual high sec rules apply on Edencom minors (players can’t attack you without Concord coming), that there may be some “Trig/Edencom” combat sites show up that are different than the normal sites, and that you might rarely encounter a roaming Trig/Edencom patrol (depending who won the system) or something like that. The winning side may also deploy gun towers. Edencom towers should leave you alone since you’re neutral.

So a bit spicier than ‘regular’ high sec but nothing too dangerous from what I can tell, just the usual need to stay alert, scan, be ready to react.


Also just want to add that this site lists all the systems affected by the Invasion:

Hover over security status rating when in system to confirm (top left corner, where you find system name).

If you have no standings towards any of sides, you will be neutral to edencom and hostile to trigs. If system is edencom, NPC won’t attack you. But you still can find roaming enemy NPC fleets from time to time (especially minor victories). other than that, everything stays the same as far as CrimeWatch goes

Thanks all! This is exactly what I needed to know.

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