Is the end near?

  • What will happen to us if Eve Online would close its gates?
  • How would our life continue without Eve Online?
  • What would we be willing to do to safe Eve Online?

The end has been near since 2003.

What will happen to us if Eve Online would close its gates?

Nothing. Personally I will remember the great time I had with this game and move on.

How would our life continue without Eve Online?

Get a grip, friend.

What would we be willing to do to safe Eve Online?

There isn’t much we players can do to “save” EvE…the fate of the game is in the hands of CCP and PA.


Would you be willing to donate plex for Ccp if they were on the edge of closing the doors ?

I think of it also in case of the Covid 19 financial crisis. Does this hit Ccp as well as many other parts of the economy? It would be nice if Ccp could make a statement about how their financial situation is and if the player needs to worry about something?

you know what dude
you almost fooled me

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I think if it can even be somehow that Ccp could have financial problems as a result of the Covid-19 financial crisis, the players should be informed. Because honestly I have no idea whether Ccp is affected or not and if it were so then I would just like to know about it. Because if so I would do my best to keep the game alive. That’s all.

What would it do for CCP for one to donate plex to them if they were in financial trouble? Answer: NONE The only reason donating plex to programs such as plex4good has any effect on the real world at all is because CCP calculates the RL monies purchase price of amount of plex we donate and itself donates that real-life monies amount to a real-life cause. If it were CCP in dire financial straits, our giving it our fake virtual-space-money would do nothing for it.

In any case, CCP has been wholly owned by Pearl Abyss for some time now, and any financial issues of CCP are PA’s problem not players’.

They addressed that near the beginning of the covid crises. They adapted and continued operations.

They owe none of us such information.

Many people staying home has probably been good for the game industry…

Disagree. We are not owed that. We buy into a service…if we are getting access to that service as can be reasonably provided then we are getting what we pay for and are not entitled to their internal business.

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Covid has helped the gaming industry thanks to lockdowns, and it looks like Eve is no exception. Now, you should understand that PCU’s aren’t the end all be all of game health or company profits (they can’t distinguish between bots being banned and players leaving, nor does it indicate revenue coming from skins, plex, DLC’s, etcetera), but Eve Offline suggests that Eve did benefit from the pandemic.

You can also check out Nosy Gamer’s analysis of PA’s financials.

Finally, unless you’re looking to invest, I suggest you spend more time playing the game and having fun, and less time combing over quarterly earning calls and all that crap.

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Thanks for sharing this. Even if the chart is only showing the first quarter of the year in 2020. I also heared of that the lockdown was good for the gaming industry. I hope that there are no threads to Ccp in any way. If Eve Online is safe it is good and I hope it will stay this way. Im playing Eve Online now since 12 years and it has become a strong habit. If something would happen to Eve Online this would mean alot of change in my life and I dont want to go through all that. So I hope Ccp is well.

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I would be legit sad and bummed. Depressed even. I’ve enjoyed this game very much over the years. I’d probably start penning a series of Eve mails to friends and even ones I’ve not seen in years.

I still got my Eve memorabilia, some books and stuff. I got a great life out of Eve too.

My Eve budget is pretty high. And I play actively!

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Request it be made open source? In a case of catastrophic, business-ending events ofc. Some online games have survived this way, thanks to dedidated hobbyists.


I mean this post is only to think of what would happened if it would happen. I think its never wrong to think above possible threads against something we love. Just to keep it safe and do what is necessary that it can prosper well. So if you know any threads who can harm Eve Online this should be the place to share it. So that something can be done against!

Just thought along this and thought of the problems I have while playing eve online. I dont know how to tell this but sometimes Eve Online is such a party in the night I realy feeling exhausted the next day. This somehow is a thread to my Eve Online exprience because I than need long time to recover on the next day before I can spend more time in Eve. I think Im not the only one which is parting hard in Eve online and has some kind of hangover the next day. So this might a thread to the game somehow. Anyone any ideas about how to handle this problem ?

Trust the other timezones to do the same? Everybody needs a break sometimes, but when you need one someone else is about to log in.

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Also talked about this ingame and came to the conglusion to sleep at night and play at day.

Well I think this is also the time for me to say good bye to the gaming world. In the end gaming has no other purpose than fun and cant serve a higher goal at this time of my life. I did my best to save my gaming habit for too long now. At some point I did all I could to make gaming to the thing I need to find purpose in my life. I wish you all the best. May the force be with you and good bye.

That was quick


Can I have your stuff?

On games being a source of “good”…

Eve is the only MMO in which friendship truly is best ship. I ran a corp of 40 people at some time and let me tell you: I learned a lot about other people, what motivates them, what drives them. Perhaps me playing Eve did not improve the world with Ghandi levels goodness, but I like to think those 40 people at least helped those other 39 people by just being there.

No matter what kind of ■■■■ went down in my life, Eve was always there to offer some distraction, a friendly conversation, and brotherly pew pew. I can remember how comms lit up the first time we replaced a POCO with our own. No big achievement in Eve by any means, but a moment in which we all felt like winners a bit, no matter how much of a loser we’d be in RL.

I flew with Europeans, Americans, and Russians in a single fleet and dispite our cultural differences, we worked together to achieve a goal. I’d say that is a source of “good” that ascends mere “fun”.