Is the game being abandoned?

Yes but i can complain if someone comes into the room and flips over my chessboard because he wants to poker…PVP has nothing to do with PVE and still is able to end the game…and this is something to complain about…

And that is all you are doing. Complaining. Constantly.


No, it isn’t.

Jita local has always been a dump with 95%+ of it’s content being trash. Only the very few who are behind all the spam do see value in it for idiotic reasons. The vast majority of players can live very well without it and for them is it, and always has been, a hated sight.

Not caring for it and allowing for it to fall into decay (which in this digital age is a curiosity) could well be intentional and be an instigated prologue to a coming change, and if so would I most certainly applaud to such a well played plot. It could be dropping spammers on purpose, in which case you’re screwed.

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I think Star Trek Online may be more the gaming experience you’re looking for. Why not play that instead of trying to change EVE?

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And i’m right with every inch of it until there will be a safe haven for PVE.

Do you really call the cry for equality outrageous because PVP should be forced to step back and give space for others just because you were spoiled for 15 years now and it would be inconvinined for your kind?

Well,this is what I call outrageous…

But i don’t blame you…blame those that spoiled one group for so long…

:joy: Bless your little heart, I haven’t laughed so hard in a long time!

What you want is not equality. What we have now is equality. Everyone can be shot at everywhere, get this, EQUALLY. ■■■■■■■ shocker, right?!




Equality is the possibility to play your playstyle undisturbed form any other group with a different playstyle all with the same rights to do it…

What we actually have is called prefering of PVP.

You do not really think anybody shooting (aka PVP) at anybody everywhere is even near a PVE/PVP equality do you?

Because if you do i would have to doubt your education and doubt that you even know the meaning of “equality”.

No. Equality is what we have now. See, you can get shot at in your shitty Mackinaw, and I can get shot at when I’m running missions. We can both, in theory at least, go and kick some random lowsec or nullsec gang in the bollocks, and disrupt whatever the hell they were doing. Everyone’s playstyle can be disrupted equally. You don’t want equality. You want to be more equal than the “filthy pvpers”. You don’t want “equal rights”, you want more “rights” than the people you don’t like. We tried the whole “separate but equal” thing here in America, and you know what happened? “Whites” ended up being more “equal” than “colors”. In other words, one group put itself above the other. “Separate but equal” is stupid, dangerous, stupidly dangerous and dangerously stupid. EVE, at it’s core, is a PvP-centric game, and it always has been from the very beginning, and CCP has indicated no intention of making it otherwise. It can happen anywhere, at any time, to anybody. When you undock, you open yourself up to the possibility of being attacked and destroyed by other players (you consent to PvP), and that holds true no matter where you are. See this post here, by our very own @ISD_Stall who I should think knows what he’s talking about. In it, he mentions how both sides of the game rely on each other, by the way, so that’s also a thing.

In short, you don’t want equality, and you don’t want EVE. You want Hello Kitty Online, and you’re on the wrong ■■■■■■■ forum for that, friend.


Wrong because i don’t want to quit PVP i just want to move it to low and 0.0.

I just want a place for PVE not to hinder PVP to focus on their strange hobby…

I confess that i’m no fan of PVP but what you call “equality” is PVP possible everywhere and no room for PVE undisturbed…

A 5 year old child could see that one side(PVP) beeing able to attack you(PVE) everywhere and the missing of a place where you(PVE) can play undisturbed is farther from the mere meaning of “equality” than the earth is from the sun and this means pretty far…

You not seeing this changes nothing because you are wrong.

And it’s sad that you see a 15 year long preference of one side as “equal” because one side was prefered for 15 years…because it’s not regardless how long it lasted…

Hello Pot… this is Kettle.

–Gadget only uses the best cookware


What relevance has this?

I don’t get it…completely different theme than this one here and ripped out of context…

If you try to devalue someones post please do it correctly…:slight_smile:

That would infer that any value was present in the first place.


Flagging a “■■■■ you lol(as in the upper post)” as inappropriate is so typical for the times we live in.
I was smacktalked and in no way i was offended by it.
PLEASE leave flagging to the people that are beeing insulted(or don’t care) and simply stop the PC crap.

I do not need or want any “protection” nor do i ask for it.

Thank you

And Jonah Gravenstein you got a point here :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, eve is pegi 12 rated so it’s kind of inappropriate to use bad words

Don’t mention the words or it will just make people flag your post and it will be removed.

Thank you :wink:

This game seems like a good place for budding bot programmers to test their bots by the look of things.

If I wanted to run the biggest Corp in the game how many bot farms do I need?

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Its okay, we’ve got bots joining the game in droves <3

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I’m sorry, but this is just stupid.

If you’re saying that you want pvp out of hisec, then yes, you are wanting to quit and ban pvp. After all, if you never leave hisec, will you ever encounter non consensual pvp in your scenario?

Yes, I agree.

Only a 5 year with their limited understanding of logic, reason and the way a video game is designed, would possibly come to the same conclusion as you.

But I’ll get more into how you’re wrong in the next paragraph.

It is not a preference. It is DESIGNED that way. It’s not like ccp had a vote and let players decide which game style they preferred, and implemented pvp.

It is no more a preference than someone playing call of duty, preferring not to shoot and merely walking around a map to enjoy the graphics. Call of duty was designed as a shooter, and the objective is to shoot others. If you want to walk around and treat it as a walking simulator and detest violence or guns, that is your prerogative. But don’t mistake your preference for how the game was actually designed for.

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No need to be jealous.

None, because botting is illegal and we don’t need to bot to make our isk.

Is the game being abandoned?


So yeah, I think that just about covers it.

Thread redundant, and now closed.