Is the game being abandoned?

About 1 hour ago local went down for mostly everyone in Jita again.

Chat has been broken for months now with NO communication for a fix any time soon.

There is new stuff, I am watching as rmt’ers are going nutty on contracts, the fraction I see of it (100b easily per hour) and even pasting their obvious rmt contracts into local chat before it broke I mean.

I am watching as people are leaving the game too, mainly cause of ccp /pa lack of action to fix, maintain or prevent these things.


A dead Jita local is not a bad thing at all. I would call that a new QOL feature and advertise it.


No. We just got an expansion, there will be another expansion.

Plus if you feel the population is getting smaller, use that to your advantage and go kill some rats!

Eve is dying. Haven’t you heard?


So you’re saying that everytime world of warcraft servers crash, the game is being abandoned?

Just because there’s a problem, doesn’t mean people are abandoning the game.

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How did you link WOW with the OP? damn you think out of the box there padewan!

WHAT? And you don’t tell them to send their ISK my way? Damn, what kind of sociopath are they? They can go bleepedy blank bleep themselves and stay away or send me their ISK and i’ll evemail them when the chat is fixed. They can alpha & use the phoneapp to check mail.

You need to earn isk but you clearly have not or have no relevance to have it! Yes I have seen your bio and it is rather sad!

I post this here for confirmation

Hahaha! I wreck ennemy space stations. Why are you so salty, did I blow up something of yours? The stuff I lost is #AlreadyReplaced. I hope you earned enough ISK to replace it. Lol…

Please share your player exiting poll data.
Thank you,

–Appreciative Gadget


Dear player,

Thank you for you concern. However, The Imperium is doing quite well in terms of making ISK from our Krablands, Delve space.

As you can see, we have made 13 trillion last month in NPC bounties, and 19 trillion in mining, for a combined total of 32 trillion isk. That is over a trillion isk a day, and 42 billion an hour.

Your concerns, though touching, and unnecessary. We thoroughly enjoy telling people that our ships have already been replaced, with full knowledge that what we say is true. Unfortunately, you seem as though you are incapable of saying the same thing. My condolences for your Tengu loss, and the fact that it took you 2 weeks to replace your losses.

Have a nice day!

Diplomat and general nice guy,
Solonius Rex


no scam tries in jita chat every 2 seconds is bad because? :slight_smile:

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You guys might have to replace fatbee with a krab if you keep that up. :wink:

We already patented the “Crabby the CrabBee” design below, just in case ;

Excuse me, I need to get some ships wrecked as they are #AlreadyReplaced. See you soon!


I wouldn’t be bragging about that level of carebear.


Could you guys just give me one days worth :thinking:

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We could brag about the PVP we do, but you already know that in detail! Log on your main, select character sheet , Interactions, Combat Log, Show Losses. But make sure you are docked, the station you logged off in might have been wrecked by us. You don’t want to get wrecked while pouting over your losses.



White knighting for Solonius.

Aren’t you precious.


Our recruiters mail boxes are always packed, but never full.

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I dont think you understand what that word means. But keep it up! keep going, and im sure you will one day realize how sad your little corner of space of whatever alliance your alt belongs to, really is!

When that day comes, our doors will always be open.

Well, by “our” i mean Karmafleet.

Hope to see you soon!

Diplomat and general nice guy,
Solonius Rex