Is there a better way to find what is in an ore anomaly?

Like the title says; it seems you have to be 1-2 jumps from it; just wondering if there is a tool to help with this.

The only way to find out what is on the belt is module called “Survey Scanner” and you have to be on the belt at certain range from rocks to find out what’s around.

If nothing has changed since I mined last 5 years ago.

I dont quite understand what you are trying to say.

Are you talking about an actual ore anomaly? Or just a regular ore belt.

Ore anomalies require you to be inside the system, and the name of the ore anomaly in hisec, usually tells you the main component of what is inside the anomaly. The rest of what is inside that anomaly, require you to be in the anomaly itself and look at the list of ores in your overview.

For ore belts, you just need to be in the belt itself and look at your ore overview.

You mention “1-2 jumps”, though. I dont understand what you mean by this. If you are not in the same system, you will have almost no idea what is inside a system, so even if you are 1 jump outside a system, you will have no information regarding what is inside there.

The agency will tell you the size and type of ore anomaly within 1 jump of the system you’re in - i.e. Average Omber , Small Jaspet, etc… Beyond 1 jump, you only get to see that there is an ore anomaly - not the size or type. This is by design - you need to go and see for yourself. Composition tends to be fairly consistent - for now. CCP are planning changes to make New Eden a less predictable place!


Oh, I did not know that. I do not use the agency so I had no idea. Cool.

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