Is there a connection from Pochven to the south of New Eden?

…as more south as better :wink:

I lokked at but I didnt find something.

Depends how south you want to go really, if you look at you’ll see this map

Which shows you Pochven in relation to K-Space so you’ll see if any systems get near where you want to go, the issue is getting through to where you want to go

Harva, Niarja, Raravoss are in proximity to Amarr, this is the closest you can get south.

There is a secret corridor further south.

If you send me one billion isk, I will draw a map.


Typical con-man - doesn’t say you’ll be allowed to look at the map without spending another billion or five…

So its true that the WH connections are in relation to the location of the Pochven system? I heart that. When I go to Dotlan I cannot see “true location” of the Pochven systems. Is there another map where I can see the real positions?


Correct they are still where they were before the region was formed, as i linked above thats the actual ingame map of the Pochven region so it shows you where the connections are, you can use to view maps for each system and you can select each Pochven system to get a list of each system it connects to for example shows you the details of Niarja along with any stations present in the system and the list of systems its C729 can spawn in

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