Is there a customs office in Hi Sec with a zero tax?

Are there customs offices in Hi Sec that have a low tax? 0% or one 1-2%

I just don’t understand who is involved in the planetary industry at these customs where there is a 15% tax. Especially if you also need to import.

I believe all customs offices in empire space have a default 10% base. See to learn more, specifically you can train Customs Code Expertise skill.

No 0% tax POCOs in HS.

I think the lowest NPC tax with the skill is 5% + whatever the owner charges. WHs/NS space have 0% tax pocos and they are very nice.

Of course, the tax rate also depends on the owner.
The “normal” rate for corporations to set to people with zero standing is quite high. 15%+ isn’t uncommon.

Tax to your own corp members can be quite favourable.

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