Is There a Glitch in the Matrix (Abyssals)?

I’ve run a lot of Tier 5 Electrical and I’ve never seen this in the first room.

Again, this was the first room and it had an “Origin Conduit”. Not only that, it let me leave the room without ever shooting an NPC. Has anyone else experienced this?

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very odd very odd indeed

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Wish I could give you an answer but I’ve never done any of the Trig content and I never will.

Mainly because I don’t like it. Not only is it a secluded closed pocket in an open world game, it also goes against everything this game use to stand for.

And so does the free Alpha accounts, the free ships, free SP’s, this weeks free Omega status, etc etc,…


Ok, forget I just said that. I’m just gonna be quiet now…


Except making ISK :slight_smile:

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How much isk did you get from it?

Zero from that one…I ran as fast as I could to the EXIT!!!

why though free isk

13 Leshak’s vs my cruiser…

true but should not be doing Lvl 5 if you’re not ready for it

I can run T6’s, so that’s not the issue. As I stated in the OP, I’ve never seen this before.

Yea, the glitch is that you guys can still run them completely unabated.

Or get ganked when you leave the pocket…there’s that.

Think you replied to the wrong person because I definitely said I don’t run them…


See: Reading is Hard

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