Is there a reason the minimum amount of mining for tier 1 index in sov is so high?

Can we not get a single anomaly even a bad one just for having sov installed? Non-sov space sure have no anoms but this is stupid you cannot feed a corp on the back of a tiny number of rocks especially when none contain fecking megacyte which is necessary for everything.

And to rub further insult to injury, NPC miners have now sucked the system dry. We cannot counter-escalate against the ships they bring. You bring 1 battlecruiser they drop 15 cruisers with player level hp/dps and web-scram you.

Just brilliant design, CCP. Seriously amazing.

Why dont you look for roids off the beaten tracks in your systems? Maybe, just maybe there are other places that roids pop up from time to time than just in ordinary belts to get your anom.:thinking::smiling_imp:


Apparently you can take the newb out of highsec, but you can’t take the highsec out of the newb.


Any NPC you can mission for out there? Fair number of those missions can have some rocks available… Since you apparently have no rocks in even random anoms to chew on.

Or you guys can just invest in a flipping citadel stationed off a moon… and crack some rocks.


A 6 day spawn off an athanor is sufficient m3 to hit indy 1. Likewise the asteroid ores in the moons probably fix the worst of your mineral basket problems, but even so, megacyte is not a problematic mineral to import.

You could also shoot the haulers, which will eventually shut down the NPCs.

Sorry I didn’t see this before I posted the answer. Great post though!

As for NPC mining fleets… Yes you may not be able to escalate but it is very easy to drive them off.

Get a bomber, drop one bomb on the NPC miners and warp out or to an on grid safe after launching the bomb. Then cloak up. The response fleet shows but the miners tend to run and hide. Use others to mine while the response fleet is present but only mad at the bomber.

I don’t really understand a few points here you complain you need to mine a lot to get sov industry index to lvl1 this can be done by as few as 2-3 people in skiffs and a low entry booster like a porpoise.
Now the confusing bit:how do you have npc miners in your sov space?If it’s one of those mixed sov/npc regions like delve or fountain just gather some blues and pop the miners there’s tons of people willing to do it usually.

You only need to shoot one of the miners in the fleet, they will all warp off. The response fleet only hangs around for a short while if the aggressor is gone.

The problem I had the other day is that they came back and popped me. Having a 10-man NPC fleet land in site ad neut/scram/web/paint you HURTS. I wasn’t AFK either, I saw them coming and tried to get away.


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