Is there a way to see/get localized mission reports?

First of all, a big shout out and thanks for your hard work with launching Eve online in Korea.
It was long-waited by the Korean Eve community, and as you already know, the community is more than happy to see more newbie capsuliers joining us for the new life in New Eden.

While we(players who have been playing Eve before Korean localization) are happy about meeting new people, missioners like me are having hard time sharing relative information to the new-comers.

So far, the Korean community were sharing information via wiki (, and we’ve been updating/translating the mission reports in eve-survival and UniWiki( in Korean to give new missioners better understanding of the mission.

After the Korean localization update, the new Korean missioners are having trouble searching what mission they are currently running in our wiki, since the wiki was originally written with English mission titles.

Whereas the English Mission titles can be found in in-game Journal feature, it’s quite a hassle to check each time just to check the titles when running a mission.

Will it be possible for you(CCP) to share Korean Localized Mission lists, so that we can make the mission reports in good use? If not, can anyone provide a better idea to proceed?

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