Is there an easier way to operate a Titan on Singularity?

Hi, im pretty new, I need some help with Si Si. Recently a read a post that was made 4 years ago that states you get all 4 titans if you redeem them. I found out that it was probably removed. I kept on researching and I found nothing about buying it, only building. But i’m really poor so I can’t build. Is there any way that i probably dont know on how to get it directly? (I know i sound stupid, but i need some help here.)

you’re only poor if you don’t commit insurance fraud. Commit insurance fraud.

Anchor a super bakery and make one.

producing several hels and soon will have erebus and avatar [ avatar in few days,erebus two weeks]

supercarrier - takes 1hour to move parts with freighter

titan takes up to day to move parts.

my setup was 100 freighters and parts for 16 ships and 100 leopards. you move 100 leopards to your sotyio first then start freighter runs you return to seeded station with leopard and take next freighter fill it and undock and get to sotyio.

HINT take sov in system with seeded station place sotyio at line with station so you wont waste time on aligning freighter

When your fairly new, you probably wont have the skills to fly a titan anyways. No point to build one then.

why not try to help build those for other guy who can fly them?

Why do you even need a super on the test server? Are you planning on acquiring one on TQ in the near future?
If yes, Haul the parts to a sotiyo and ask around for someone to click build (Or train the skills yourself)
If no, don’t bother. They are nearly useless anyway. Just relics from when capitals used to be good…
If no, but you wanna be a cool boy, You bring that thing into 6-CZ49. Go to CA-1. You’ll have HIC’s and dread/supers on your butt in minutes. RIP Coolboy (03-21-2018 - Whenever you manage to build it)

on sisi there are people hunting titan builders,despite breaking sisi rules they will shoot your titan just for fun.

Its not hard to keep one alive honestly. You simply don’t mess around with it. When you take it to CA1. You should be prepared to loose it. You take it to 6-CZ, you should probably be prepared to loose it.

Is there a way for you to get me a hel? I’d like to try supercap stuff with my character, but unfortunately only carriers are on the market : (
Thanks !

please don’t make me start getting back into baking on the test server

I wouldnt ask anything that goes against your will ^^
But the fact is, I have to rely on someone’s good will if I want to get my hands on a supercap as I don’t play with people who fly them :confused:
I started anchoring a citadel to check the process in order to build my own but I dont have the skills yet. No idea how long it will take for me to make one from scratch, we’ll see

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